Friday, July 29, 2005

birthday present

birthday present
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big thanks to John Davis for the bongo and this caricature. scale is a

little off, don't you think?

Go! Team fall tour

You must go!

Still bouncing with happiness after last Friday's show. Not quite the Spree, but similar levels of bouncy joy but more double-dutch on a summer day than sun worshipping.

1/2 back money back guarantee applies.

Pitchfork: Daily Music News: "The Go! Team to Tour North America

Ray Suzuki reports:
Fresh off the 1-2 punch of a triumphant Intonation Festival performance and the inking of a one-album deal with Columbia, the Go! Team will have their fantasmic Thunder, Lightning, Strike album re-released and tour North America in support of it.

The new version of the LP will add a pair of tracks, 'Hold Yr Terror Close' and 'We Just Won't Be Defeated'. The former originally appeared on the 'The Power Is On' single while the latter is previously unreleased. Dates:

10-14 Houston, TX - Engine Room
10-15 Dallas, TX - Trees
10-16 Austin, TX - Emo's
10-18 Phoenix, AZ - Clubhouse
10-19 San Diego, CA - Casbah
10-20 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
10-23 San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
10-24 Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
10-25 Seattle, WA - Showbox
10-28 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
10-29 Chicago, IL - Metro
10-30 Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Theatre
10-31 Montreal, Quebec - La Tulipe
11-01 Boston, MA - Paradise
11-02 New York, NY - Webster Hall

* Pitchfork Review: The Go! Team: Thunder, Lightning, Strike
* The Go! Team: http://"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

You Ain't No Picasso: Now That's What I Call Indie Covers! volume 1

18 tracks to download at this link.

MY favorites are the Ben Gibbard - Girls Just Want to Have Fun and the Elliot Smith - Rowdy Friends.

Cause I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll.

You Ain't No Picasso: Now That's What I Call Indie Covers! volume 1: "Now That's What I Call Indie Covers! volume 1
The idea behind this was a simple one - collect enough mp3s of indie bands covering top 40 hits to fill up a cd. After I had been putting this mix together, I started to wonder what drives a smaller band to cover a famous one. Is it the kitsch appreciation that leads to a tongue-in-cheek cover (such as apparently is the case with Gibbard's cover of Complicated)? Or perhaps seasoned indie vets like Ted Leo realize that there is something undeniably catchy about the newest Kelly Clarkson single. Either way, these covers have lead to some interesting musical moments and some hilarious stage banter. The majority of these are live recordings, which makes it all the more interesting in my opinion.

unsafe sex

unsafe sex
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Is it wrong that this is arousing?

And where's the ad with a dung beetle?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Eels Fresh Feeling lyrics

Eels Fresh Feeling lyrics - right click or option click to download mp3.:

"You don't have a clue
What it is like to be next to you
I'm here to tell you
That it is good That it is true
Birds singing a song
Old paint is peeling
This is that fresh
That fresh feeling

Words can't be that strong
My heart is reeling
This is that fresh
That fresh feeling

Try to forget what's in the past
Tomorrow is here
Love, Orange sky above lighting your way
There's nothing to fear
Birds singing a song
Old paint is peeling
This is that fresh
That fresh feeling"

The O Factor - Was Owen Wilson the key to the Wes Anderson phenomenon? By Field Maloney

This article presupposes a lot.

The O Factor - Was Owen Wilson the key to the Wes Anderson phenomenon? By Field Maloney: "Once upon a time, a young filmmaker from Houston, Texas, put together a yellow submarine of sorts—an enclosed cinematic world with a style and affect that was entirely his own, peopled with his friends and screen heroes. USS Wes Anderson delivered a couple of films that were small-scale but brilliant in a modest, eccentric way. They had what fiction writers call 'voice'—a coherent and distinct cinematic language and sensibility. Anderson seemed poised to become the next major American director. Certainly, the eyes and hopes of a generation of sneaker-wearing, thrift-shop dandies, young men and women who cultivate affectlessness but have sentimental hearts, were fixed fast upon Anderson and his merry band.

True, USS Anderson had some nagging tics, and each film seemed more enclosed in the storybook boundaries of Anderson's fantasy world than the one before. After being rescued by Gene Hackman's performance in The Royal Tenenbaums, USS Anderson finally ran aground last winter, with The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. Rather than develop as a storyteller, Anderson appeared to have floated off to an adolescent never-never land where everyone wears Lacoste, colorful and quirky toys abound, and a vintage emo soundtrack gets piped in whenever a little poignancy is required—a Michael Jackson ranch for the Salinger set.

The disappointment was widespread, yet the critics at the major papers and the hipster blogs all overlooked one important fact: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou was the first Wes Anderson film in which Owen Wilson didn't share the writing chores. What if Owen Wilson, America's resident goofy rou?with the broken nose and the lazy nasal drawl, was the rudder keeping USS Anderson on course, steering its captain away from solipsism and ironic overload?


Illegal downloaders buy more records - NME.COM


Illegal downloaders buy more records - NME.COM: "ILLEGAL DOWNLOADERS BUY MORE RECORDS!

The music industry contention that file sharing is destroying sales, has been challenged following new research.

According to a poll by digital music research company The Leading Question people who illegally share music files are among the biggest users of legal music downloads.

The study discovered that downloaders of unlicensed music spent an average of ?5.52 on legal digital music, compared to the ?1.27 spent by other music fans.

'The research clearly shows that music fans who break piracy laws are highly valuable customers,' The Leading Question’s Paul Brindley told BBC News. 'There's a myth that all illegal downloaders are mercenaries hell-bent on breaking the law in pursuit of free music.'"

Meyer Uses Behavior Modification for Florida Players - New York Times

I used to read Fast Company back when I thought I could make a difference. 8(

I'm still amazed by the success of people who do things differently. There's always a better way...

Meyer Uses Behavior Modification for Florida Players - New York Times: "Meyer Uses Behavior Modification for Florida Players

Published: July 24, 2005

GAINESVILLE, Fla., July 23 - When explaining the culture change at the University of Florida under its new football coach, Urban Meyer, Jarvis Herring happily points to himself as Exhibit A."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 - Free Christian E-Cards

2nd best birthday card ever. - Free Christian E-Cards

T.G.I. Friday's? Worldwide

Maybe the best birthday gift I've ever received.

T.G.I. Friday's? Worldwide: "Hi miguel!
princess of buffalo wings sent you this birthday greeting."


This is the information I have from the adoption agency, Children's Home & Aid Soceity of Illinois:

"Your birthmother was 23 years old, 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall and weighed 113 pounds at the time of her pregnancy. She had black, straight hair, dark olive skin and was 'very pretty.' She was born in the Philippenes and was from Filipino and Spanish decent.(sic) She was a non-practicing Catholic, had completed three years of college with a B average in the area of Sociology. She planned to finish college. Her past employment included 'office work'. She was working during her pregnancy.

Your birthmother came with her family to the United States in 1953.

{grandparents info}

It is unknown if your birthmother's parents were aware of her pregnancy.

Your birthmother was the youngest of four siblings, all of whom were born in the Philippenes.

Your only maternal aunt was 27 years old and single at the time of your birthmother's pregnancy.

Your oldest maternal uncle was 26 years old and married at the time of your birthmother's pregnancy.

Your other maternal uncle was 24 and engaged at the time. He was a college graduate and worked as an inhalation therapist at a hospital. (Side note: maternal grandfather was a doctor). He lived with your birthmother here in the U.S. during her pregnancy.

After your maternal grandparents divorced, one of your birhtmother's brothers and her sister returned to the Philippines with your maternal grandmother.


Your birthfather was Caucasian and was 22 years old, 5' 11" and weighed 170 at the time of the pregnancy. He had light brown wavy hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He was described as "handsome". His religiouis affiliation was Baptist. He had completed two and a half years of college with a B average in Biology. He had worked part-time in a factory.

Your birthfather was an only child.

{paternal grandparents info}

Your birth parents met each other while students at a Midwestern University. It appears that your birthfather had relocated in that same Midwestern state and visited your birthmother on weekends. Thought they seemed to see each other often, your birthmother did not discuss her pregnancy nor her plans for adoption with him. She later shared this information with him as his consent was needed for the adoption process to continue. Your birthmother reportedly felt better after sharing this with him. He was in agreement with the adoption plan, feeling 'he was not ready to be a father' and he knew that there was a possibility that he would be drafted.

Your birthmother requested adoption services and was supported by the brother she lived with and by your birthfather. She had many questions regarding adoption procedures and choosing a family when she first came to Children's Home and Aid Society on July 28, 1972.

On July 25, 1972, your birthmother entered the emergency room and you were born at 12:42 am on July 26, 1972. You weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce and had an Apgar score of 10. You were in "good condition". On July 31, 1972, you were discharged from the hospital to your foster family after being treated for eye discharge at an outpatient clinic. While in the foster home with your foster family, you were described as "normal", "content baby" and a "good eater" (first and last time, i'm sure.)

On August 7, 1972 your birthparents signed the final papers for adoption."


Just a lit a candle for my birthmother. I was born at 12:42 am on July 26, 1972, in Evanston, IL.

It's not a raw wound anymore, but I still wonder. Still hope that I'll be contacted, still hope that I'll have questions answered.

Hope that she's well, and loved, and that she thinks about me on this day, and knows that I do as well.

be wonderful.

Monday, July 25, 2005


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The Go! Team on Friday night was amazing.

Big cheers to Kevin, Debi Mae West, Tricia Halloran, Jackson & (looking for card) jill ettinger for coming and hanging out. Oh, and of course, (Gosh!) Emily and Steve.

So much fun. My calves still hurt.

Jump like no one's watching. 8)


Oregon Brewers Festival

Thanks to Wells Fargo and a lack of sick days, I'll be staying in LA this weekend and missing the brew festival. This'll be the first time since 1996 that I haven't been in Portland for my birthday and the huge festival they throw for me.

Oops, I forgot about the dreaded Telecom for Non-Telecom Conference of 2000. Missed the BrewFest that year, or at least wasn't there on my birthday.

Oregon Brewers Festival

Napoleon Dynamite quoted in National Spelling Bee Finals

The guy on SportsCenter just called an error with a call, "Idiot! Gosh!"

Napoleon Dynamite quoted in National Spelling Bee Finals


33 in 90 minutes, playing online poker, drinking red wine and wrestling on the tv.

i wonder why i'm depressed.

this is the first birthday where i've actually felt bad at its arrival. it's more the rush of time and how close 43 is that upsets me. am i going to be in the same position i am now in 10 years?

10 years ago, I had a kinda mediocre birthday. i'd just been laid-off from Chernoff/Silver in South Carolina, and was biding time at my folks house in Orlando. i was temping at an awfully boring job. but i was having a semi-love affair with Lara from SC. brilliant girl.

i think it was right around this time that I saw my first movie on my own - the Usual Suspects. guessed the ending, because i'd yet to foul my body with the drugs.

anyways, it's amazing that a decade has passed. will try to assess at some point. not now. not feeling good about it.

cue Friday's waitresses singing Happy-Happy-Birthday...

Online Poker at Full Tilt Poker - Tournaments - Quick Start: "Everyone wants to play tournaments, particularly with the recent explosion in popularity of poker, online, on television, and in brick-and-mortar cardrooms. Full Tilt Poker offers a tournament to suit everyone, with a wide variety of games, structures, and buy ins. The tournaments feature all the games and include Sit'n'Gos and multi-table events. Satellite tournaments are also available.

Tournaments are organized by their structure. In the lobby in addition to the regular ring games, you'll see three different tournament tabs. "

Baby Numa Numa Dance

In honor of Anne (Anna?) Forsythe Rusen, a little cute 'numa numa' dance.

Baby Numa Numa Dance: "Description:
Its amazing how popular the original Numa Numa dance has become. Here is a cute little one year old that has all Garys moves down. If your still out their Gary please contact us we would love to pay you for an encore. "

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

United States Postal Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just got off the phone with a 'customer service' representative from the USPS. Rather unhelpful. I've been getting my magazines up to a week after they're appearing on the newstands, a bunch of mail mysteriously showed up on a Saturday 3 weeks after having been missing, and I've yet to receive my overdraft Wells Fargo Credit Card after a month and a half. Even though I have received a statement already.

Oh, and I was informed that 'There is NO GUARANTEED DELIVERY time' for any piece of mail. So, if the magazine takes 2 months to arrive that's ok by the Postal Service. If it takes 2 years, that, too, is ok.

Strangely, hint, hint, the USPS has the same birthday as me. So the lesson here is to send online birthday cards, cause your postcards may never show.

United States Postal Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the United States government-owned corporation responsible for providing postal service in the United States; it is generally referred to within the United States as 'the post office.' It was created on July 26, 1775, by decree of the Second Continental Congress, and exists today under the clause in the United States Constitution empowering Congress 'To establish Post Offices and post Roads.' Originally a cabinet department, it was later converted to a government-owned corporation. Competition from e-mail and private operations such as United Parcel Service, FedEx, and DHL has forced USPS to adjust its business strategy and to modernize its products and services. The Department of Defense and the USPS jointly operate a postal system to deliver mail for the military known as the Army/Air Force Post Office and the Fleet Post Office."

BBC NEWS | Wales | Family tribute to bomb victim, 29

While I wallow in self-pity and self-loathing, here's a tribute to a fellow ddb worker in London who was murdered in the attacks. And no, I'll never refer to these motherfuckers as terrorists. It gives them way too much credit.

BBC NEWS | Wales | Family tribute to bomb victim, 29: "Family tribute to bomb victim, 29
Laura Webb
Laura Webb's family had been searching for her since the bombs
The family of a woman who died in the London bomb attacks have described her life as an 'inspiration'.

Laura Webb, who was 29 and from Kingston-on-Thames, died in the explosion at Edgware Road.

Her brother, Cardiff Council officer Rob Webb, and other family members had spent the week trying to trace her.

Fifty-one victims are now known to have died in the four blasts. Three of the bombers are also known to have died.

In a statement, the family said: 'Laura was a wonderful young person and an example of how to live life.

'She was kind, loving and beautiful and all of us are better people for having had her in our lives.

Although she leaves a great gap in our lives, she leaves us richer in spirit
Family statement

'It is hard to believe that she is gone and her loss is even more tragic because of the appalling incident that led not only to her death, but the deaths of over fifty other people.'

The statement continued: 'Laura's life was an inspiration to us all.

'Although she leaves a great gap in our lives, she leaves us richer in spirit and privileged to have had her as part of our lives.'"

Godawful, a rant.

To misuse a Verve song, "The Drugs Aren't Working".

Current list of problems, big and small that are making me feel overwhelmed, unhappy and underwhelmed:

I can't get myself to call a psychologist/therapist/whatever. And I need to rejoin a gym and can't get myself to go in, or get my finances in a semblence of order, and I feel like I'm spending my time either isolated or intoxicated (or both). Oh, and I'm not doing anything about healing my back or even attempting to heal my back.

Then all the small things pile up while I'm feeling awful. Can't clean my apartment, the food I bought's all spoiled, I'm not eating anything healthy, I broke the fucking toilet lid (not while intoxicated - which kinda made it worse), my car's filthy, I'm fairly certain that my insurance company is ripping me off, I bought 3 extra tickets to a show on Friday night that I've no idea if anyone will want, I'm one ticket short for a group outing soccer game that I organized, I don't know how to count my blessings, and I'm still addicted to these sleeping pills.

Then there's the creativity level at work, the low interest in work, the low interest in developing extracurriculur activities, how much I'm wasting the beachness of my place, my lack of bike riding around, the incredibly shitty service I'm getting from my post office (sample: Newsweek arrives a week after it arrives on newstands. Sporting News comes 9 days late.)

and i don't really feel capable of getting any of these things done or made better.

at least my poker game's improving.

there. that doesn't feel better at all.

Friday, July 15, 2005

still floating on

In a good mood. Playing Float On, and thinking about how much I loved this song when I heard it last year. Still do.

Things just might be OK.

But I'll float on, alright, OK?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

LA Phil Presents : Brian Wilson with Polyphonic Spree

More fodder for the Not Going to Burning Man side of the argument:

Official Ticketmaster site. LA Phil Presents : Brian Wilson with Polyphonic Spree tickets Hollywood Bowl Hollywood, CA, Directions, seating chart.: "LA Phil Presents : Brian Wilson with Polyphonic Spree
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
Sun, Sep 4, 2005 07:00 PM "

I am full of doubts

I am full of doubts
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Granny grows tired of prostitution at age 63 - Yahoo! News

Her grandkids must be so proud...

Granny grows tired of prostitution at age 63 - Yahoo! News: "Granny grows tired of prostitution at age 63

Mon Jul 11, 9:15 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - A Berlin grandmother who has worked the city's diplomatic quarter as a prostitute for the last 49 years plans to retire when she turns 64 next year, according to Germany's Bild newspaper."

Monday, July 11, 2005

no news

No news yet on the imminent arrival into this world of (take off sunglasses and look meaningfully at reader) one Horatio Cane Rusen. (cue The Who).

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I feel like the term 'terrorists' has gained some kind of honor or notoriety or something inappropriate.

I'd like for the news organizations to call them simply 'murderers' and leave it at that. Fuck there political or religious ambitions.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Al Qaeda's Smart Bombs - New York Times

This makes me feel sick. Al Qaeda's Smart Bombs - New York Times: "There is good evidence that this shift in Al Qaeda's scheme was the product of deliberate choice. In December 2003, the Norwegian intelligence service found a lengthy Qaeda planning document on a radical Islamic Web site that described a coherent strategy for compelling the United States and its allies to leave Iraq. It made clear that more spectacular attacks against the United States like those of 9/11 would be insufficient, and that it would be more effective to attack America's European allies, thus coercing them to withdraw their forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and increasing the economic and military burdens that the United States would have to bear.
In particular, the document weighed the advantages of attacking Britain, Poland and Spain, and concluded that Spain in particular, because of the high level of domestic opposition to the Iraq war, was the most vulnerable.
'It is necessary to make utmost use of the upcoming general election in Spain in March next year,' the document stated. 'We think that the Spanish government could not tolerate more than two, maximum three, blows, after which it will have to withdraw as a result of popular pressure. If its troops still remain in Iraq after these blows, then the victory of the Socialist Party is almost secured, and the withdrawal of the Spanish forces will be on its electoral program.'
That prediction, of course, proved murderously prescient. Yet it was only one step in the plan: 'Lastly, we emphasize that a withdrawal of the Spanish or Italian forces from Iraq would put huge pressure on the British presence, a pressure that Tony Blair might not be able to withstand, and hence the domino tiles would fall quickly.' "

Guardian Unlimited Special reports Death toll passes 50

Guardian Unlimited Special reports Death toll passes 50
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Stick it to 'em London. But Hold Tight.

Independent Online Edition > This Britain : app2

No-hopers, a jihadi death cult. An aberration, an abomination, or a malignant growth soon to take over the mid-East?

Where is the outrage? Where is the shame?

Independent Online Edition > This Britain : app2: "Shahara Akther Islam was a lively 20-year-old, a devout Muslim with all her life before her
On Thursday, she had to attend a dentist's appointment before going to her job at the Co-operative Bank. So she said goodbye to her younger brother at their home in Plaistow, east London, and headed off on the Underground. It was a day like so many others. She never arrived.
By Maxine Frith and Elizabeth Davies
Published: 09 July 2005
And now this young woman, who so confidently straddled the twin cultures of her mosque and her city, is missing. She is feared dead, a victim of the horrific violence wreaked on London this week - almost certainly by the terrorists of al-Qa'ida, murdering and maiming in the name of her faith.
Her family fear Shahara was caught up in the explosion that wrecked the Circle line train just beyond Aldgate station at 8.51am on Thursday. The unbroken agony for her family, who spent much of yesterday like other families, desperately but vainly trawling hospitals for news of her, is that they do not yet know for sure. It seems an unspeakably cruel fate for them and for a young woman who could have been a poster girl for young British Muslims today.
Born in Whitechapel to a family who came to Britain in the 1960s from Bangladesh, Shahara has been going to the mosque every Friday with her close-knit family, but she also loves designer handbags, designer clothes and going out with her friends.
'She's one of those people who just makes friends wherever she goes,' said her uncle, Nazmul Hasan, who is helping in the search for her.
'She doesn't think that much about politics - she likes hanging out with her friends, talking and laughing a lot. We just want to bring her home - whether that means she's one of the fatalities or not, we "

The Sun Online - News: Pray for all the missing

Where is the outrage from the Muslim world?

Last year I started shouting at a birthday party at the Fong Torres- Carter residence.


What have you done to bring hope and joy to the world since 9/11? Since 3/11? Since 7/7?

We can make a difference.

The Sun Online - News: Pray for all the missing: "By STEVE KENNEDY
THEY are beautiful, innocent . . . and missing.
One is Christian, the other Muslim.
And neither has been seen since bombers brought carnage to London two days ago."

Daily and Sunday Express

Daily and Sunday Express
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I couldn't agree more.

One of the local neighborhood (neighbourhood - we're all British today) rags put up a headline that said, "Bloody Hell". which to me, was a little inappropriate, if they meant any humo(u)r by it.

Daily and Sunday Express

Daily and Sunday Express
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I couldn't agree more.

One of the local neighborhood (neighbourhood - we're all British today) rags put up a headline that said, "Bloody Hell". which to me, was a little inappropriate, if they meant any humo(u)r by it.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Greater London Authority - Press Release

Full text here. I'm moved.

Greater London Authority - Press Release: "Finally, I wish to speak directly to those who came to London today to take life.

I know that you personally do not fear giving up your own life in order to take others – that is why you are so dangerous. But I know you fear that you may fail in your long-term objective to destroy our free society and I can show you why you will fail.

In the days that follow look at our airports, look at our sea ports and look at our railway stations and, even after your cowardly attack, you will see that people from the rest of Britain, people from around the world will arrive in London to become Londoners and to fulfil their dreams and achieve their potential.

They choose to come to London, as so many have come before because they come to be free, they come to live the life they choose, they come to be able to be themselves. They flee you because you tell them how they should live. They don’t want that and nothing you do, however many of us you kill, will stop that flight to our city where freedom is strong and where people can live in harmony with one another. Whatever you do, however many you kill, you will fail.


the Mayor of London responds

Guardian Unlimited: Newsblog: "”In the days that follow look at our airports, look at our sea ports and look at our railway stations and, even after your cowardly attack, you will see that people from the rest of Britain, people from around the world will arrive in London to become Londoners and to fulfil their dreams and achieve their potential.

“They choose to come to London, as so many have come before because they come to be free, they come to live the life they choose, they come to be able to be themselves.”"

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Who did this?

Interesting reading. Heard someone refer to London yesterday as Londonistan. Anyone wanting a fictional portrait of London's multiethnic population might read Zadie Smith's White Teeth.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Who did this?: "Who did this?

Jason Burke offers some thoughts on the perpetrators and logistics of yesterday's attacks "

sports column that leads to Mariah Carey explanation

I wonder if there's a columnist somewhere who writes about something I have no interest in, but has amazing tangents and corollaries that would illuminate and entertain. And my friends would keep saying, you have *got* to read this lady from Cat Fancy magazine. You'd love her! Page 2 : All are winners in the AL: "(And speaking of Mariah, is anyone else excited about seeing her back in the limelight? For more than 10 years, she's been my kryptonite -- the one crazy female celebrity that just plain did it for me. Can't explain it. And nothing drives a woman crazier than hearing a guy say, 'I think Mariah Carey is hot' -- you might as well just say that women shouldn't have the right to vote. She's the best. I will defend her lunatic sexiness to the death. By the way, do you think she looks at Whitney Houston now the same way Tom Hanks looks at Michael Keaton, like Whitney may have one the first few battles, but Mariah won the war? Me, too."

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pfff: Surviving a Terrorist Attack

Found this entry from a blogger in london who had been on the King's Cross tube today.

Thoughts and hopes out to everyone affected by this. KWatts, I hope you're well.

Pfff: Surviving a Terrorist Attack: "Surviving a Terrorist Attack
Fate is a strange thing. On this particular day a series of events transpired such that I ended up on a Tube train that was destroyed by terrorists. Fortunately it was only the carriage in front of me, but tragically it resulted in a serious amount of injuries. This is my story."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 A musical blog party

Good article on mp3 blogs from my new local paper, the LA Times. A musical blog party: "A musical blog party
*Sprinkled around the Web are several sites on which individuals share their idiosyncratic selections in the form of MP3 files.

By Douglas Wolk, Special to The Times

The Tofu Hut isn't a building, and it's got nothing to do with soy protein. It's a website: a one-guy-and-pals blog hosted by a free service. Surf to it and you'll find extensive commentary from New York waiter John Seroff and his friends and family about the music they love.

Start clicking around on song titles, and you'll find MP3s of the enormous range of recordings the Tofu Hut's contributors are passionately discussing: Canadian power-pop band Sloan's 'False Alarm,' jazz pianist Art Tatum's 'Aunt Hagar's Blues,' country star John (Big & Rich) Rich's out-of-print pre-fame solo track 'Old Blue Mountain.'"


Originally uploaded by ideateller.

at 38 weeks, 3 days.

not many more to go.

Lucha VaVOOM 9

Missed this show, but up for seeing it soon.

Lucha VaVOOM 9: "Lucha Va VOOM - Greatest Hits!
The Mayan Theater - 1038 N. Hill Street, downtown LA
Doors: 7pm - Show: 8pm

2 BIG Nights!

June 29th - Wednesday
Super Porky! Que Monito! Misterioso! Super Parka!
Cassandro! Super minis Tsuki & Mascarita Sagrada!

June 30th - Thursday
Mil Mascaras! Atlantis! Rey Misterio! Misterioso! Tsuki!
The Poubelle Twins!" :: Happiness is yours

Also got to see Vessy perform for what I think is the first time. But things are always fuzzy at Burning Man, so who knows. Maybe I witnessed a full set from her some other time. :: Happiness is yours

COHEN: Moonfall

Went and saw fellow disorienter Vessy Mink at a show at the Viper Room on Saturday night. (My first time there).

This guy Cohen then played. Beautiful voice. To me he sounds like the soundtrack to a faded 8 mm print of your parents on a road trip when they were still passionately in love.

Hope someday that I get to use him for a commercial (and that he'd do it), and that he gets a bigger and better stages to sing from.

Go listen to music samples over yonder-below.

On after her, CD Baby: COHEN: Moonfall: "Twilight soul pop love chill music in full beauty grace with wings."

A Pat on the Back - New York Times

A problem that I've had with a lot of bible-belters is an emphasis on intolerance and conversion, and a seeming lack of caring in good works. Seems there might be an upswell lately of - good god! - actual religious compassion. As if the Bible - in between polemics on the evils of homosexuality, pork and non-conceptual sex - talks about caring and loving your fellow human beings.

A Pat on the Back - New York Times: "A Pat on the Back

Published: July 6, 2005

Since I have been hired, temporarily, to write about the news, here's some: seeing Pat Robertson on television cheered me up. Until recently, about the nicest thing I would have said about this televangelist is that he isn't boring. Remember when he wanted to boycott the 'Satanic ritual' that is Halloween? Or when he said, 'The husband is the head of the wife'? Or when he warned the city of Orlando that the flying of homosexuals' upbeat rainbow flags might incite divine retribution in the form of hurricanes or 'possibly a meteor'? Yep, good times.

Nevertheless, when I spotted Robertson in a lineup of celebrities including Brad Pitt, Bono, George Clooney and the also-never-boring Dennis Hopper, I was delighted to see him. He was in the One Campaign's television ad asking for help in the crusade against poverty, starvation and AIDS in Africa and elsewhere."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Yahoo!

Woke up at 4am. Heard some neighbor girl moaning. It was kinda hot, sortof.

I've mentioned before that when you're not getting any, that any noises from adjoining apartments sound like sex.

In this case, though, it wasn't my imagination.

10 minutes on. 10 minutes off. 10 minutes on. 10 minutes off.

She was groaning nice & good. I think she wasn't faking, but I didn't have an MRI machine nearby.

Woke up fully.

Started playing poker. And then called my East Coast parents.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Burn, Canada And Spain, Burn! / Look to the skies, see the wrath of God rain down on married gays! Will hockey and tapas survive?

Burn, Canada And Spain, Burn! / Look to the skies, see the wrath of God rain down on married gays! Will hockey and tapas survive?: "Burn, Canada And Spain, Burn!
Look to the skies, see the wrath of God rain down on married gays! Will hockey and tapas survive?
By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, July 1, 2005

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Mark Morford
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Oh, but it will be fun to watch Spain and Canada burn in hell. I mean, we're right next door to Canada. We have the best possible view"