Sunday, February 29, 2004

never again! again!

What a damn boring Oscars.

I hate Joan Rivers.

Thanks to Geoff Rogers for hosting the party.

Home. Waiting for midnite and Burning Man tickets going on sale.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock........

#4 A Fight for Hope (

OK, this one gets to me.

A Fight for Hope ( "Gay men and lesbians have never reacted to pending legislation as emotionally as they have now. Not even with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. That proposed legislation would have forbidden employment discrimination based on sexual orientation (it lost by one vote in the Senate).

There was no mass mobilization by gay men and lesbians then. There wasn't the kind of profound sense of loss and hurt that we're feeling now. Why? Because there was, and still is, a way around job discrimination: lying. We can always push the 'cloak' button and turn invisible by acting straight and keeping our personal lives to ourselves.
The same thing could be said about other institutions that insist we remain invisible. How do we stay in the military if we're gay? Lie. How do we stay in the church? Lie. How do we stay in our families? Lie.

But how do we lie our way into marrying the person we love?

How do we lie our way into hospital visitation rights when our partners are on their deathbeds?

How do we lie our way into getting Social Security survival benefits for our kids? "

Op-Ed Contributor: How the Judges Forced the President’s Hand

And fair representation from a Republican speechwriter. I agree with her opening. And note her use of disingenuous statistics.

Op-Ed Contributor: How the Judges Forced the President’s Hand: "eorge W. Bush is not a culture warrior by inclination. And he clearly did not seek this fight over gay marriage. I'd guess that he, like most Americans, wishes it would go away. At very least, it is a distraction from the real culture war, which is being fought in the Middle East against terrorists and anti-democratic fanatics. "

Op-Ed Contributor: Joining the Debate but Missing the Point

#2 Op-Ed Contributor: Joining the Debate but Missing the Point: "Supporters and opponents of gay marriage are talking past each other. Social conservatives argue from the premise that marriage is important to society — the president called it 'the most fundamental institution of civilization' — and must be protected. Letting gays wed will undermine marriage, they say, but they are seldom able to explain how.

Proponents of same-sex marriage, meanwhile, make a rights-based argument, insisting that gays deserve the freedom to marry — but they don't address the possible impact of gay marriage on society. As a result, they are open to the valid retort that if marriage is an individual right (instead of a social good), why not polygamous, incestuous or child marriages?

(He goes on to answer this question later...)
For a productive dialogue, we should be asking the question this way: is giving gays the right to marry good for society? And to answer that, we must ask what larger social purpose marriage serves."

3 POVs on Gay Marriage

Op-Ed Contributor: A New Topic for an Old Argument: "Abraham Lincoln once observed that America was founded on a proposition, and that Thomas Jefferson wrote it. He was referring, of course, to the section of the Declaration of Independence that begins, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident . . . ' The reality, though, is that we are founded on a debate over what Jefferson's proposition means. And the current struggle over gay marriage is but the most recent chapter in that longstanding American argument.

The words that started the current controversy were written by John Adams. In 1779, Adams almost single-handedly drafted the Massachusetts Constitution. It was passages from that document that the state's supreme court cited to support its decision to overturn all legal restrictions on same-sex marriage. 'All people are born free and equal and have certain natural, essential and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties,' Adams wrote. 'In fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.'...

In 1848, for example, the women at Seneca Falls cited Jefferson's magic words to demand political equality for all female citizens. In 1863 Lincoln referred to the same words at Gettysburg to justify the Civil War as a crusade, not just to preserve the Union, but also to end slavery. In 1963 Martin Luther King harked back to the promissory note written by Jefferson to claim civil rights for blacks. Now the meaning of the mandate has expanded again, this time to include gay and lesbian couples wishing to marry. With all the advantages of hindsight, it now seems wholly predictable that America's long argument would reach this new stage of inclusiveness.

Most important, the way they framed the question gave great advantage to the side in favor of expanding the scope of individual rights. Notice, for example, that recognizing gay marriage will not require a constitutional amendment, but blocking it will. And the founders made passage of a constitutional amendment very difficult indeed. Our debate over gay rights has just begun, so it would be foolish to predict all the legal and political contortions that lie ahead. If history is a guide, however, everyone who has bet against the expansive legacy has eventually lost.

Saturday, February 28, 2004


Charlie murphy's true Hollywood Stories from the Dave Chappelle Show.

You must fucking watch this. NOW.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

vote, or we re-elect the monkey

from Aaron Mahoney and Geoffrey Lorenzen,

i've got to say that I like the Bush shirt a lot more than the other.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

THREESOMES BLOW - They're Just Not Natural Sorry

THREESOMES From the excellent Vice magazine.

Check out the Do's and Don't's as well.

NOTE: I may have blogged to this link already. maybe. or something.

Yahoo! News - Oral Sex Shown to Be Linked to Mouth Cancer

Oh great. Why does everything fun cause cancer?

Oral Sex Shown to Be Linked to Mouth Cancer
Wed Feb 25, 2:54 PM ET Add Health - Reuters to My Yahoo!

LONDON (Reuters) - Although the risk is small and it is more likely to result from heavy drinking and smoking, scientists have uncovered evidence that oral sex can cause mouth cancer.

Researchers had suspected that a sexually transmitted infection that is linked to cervical cancer could also be associated with tumors in the mouth.

Now a study by researchers working for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France seems to have confirmed it.

"Oral sex can lead to oral tumors," New Scientist magazine said Wednesday, referring to the latest research. "And also orgasm." He did not add.

The scientists studied more than 1,600 patients from Europe, Canada, Australia, Cuba and the Sudan(!) with oral cancer and more than 1,700 healthy people.

They found that patients with oral cancer containing a strain of the human papilloma virus (HPV) known as HPV16 were three times more likely to report having had oral sex than those without the virus strain.

(Side note - that means that a MAXIMUM of 33% of the control group had reported having oral sex. No wonder the world's so fucking unhappy. Crikey.)

"The researchers think both cunnilingus and fellatio can infect people's mouths," the magazine added.

Raphael Viscidi, a virologist who worked on the research, believes the findings substantiate the link between HPV and oral cancer. "Man alive, I am so NOT going down on oral cancer patients," he did not say.

"This is a major study in terms of size," he said. "I think this will convince people."

High consumptions of alcohol and cigarettes are estimated to cause 75-90 percent of all cases of oral cancer. The combination of tobacco smoke and alcohol are thought to produce high levels of cancer causing agents.

Researchers additionally estimated that high consumptions of alcohol and cigarettes are to cause for 75-90 percent of all cases of fellatio. Numbers could not yet be determined for cunnilingus.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Leo live

Disorienter Leo's exhibiting in NYC, if you're there.

: "Sandra Gering Gallery is pleased to present the gallery's second one-person exhibition of work by Leo Villareal from 21 February through 20 March 2004.
The exhibition will feature Chasing Rainbows, an installation of 60 glowing tubes of light, arranged in groups of 20 on the gallery's three walls. Each tube is filled with thousands of red, green and blue LED's that can be individually modulated, producing a possible palette of 16 million different colors. Villareal manipulates the colors of the tubes through his own custom software, using both pattern and rhythm to create a mesmerizing temporal abstraction.
Inspired by mathematician John Conway's Game of Life, Villareal's software utilizes its own set of rules that govern autonomous agents within a matrix. As the agents explore their terrain and encounter one another, a complex system emerges, visually manifesting a larger organism at work. At times, the resulting abstractions resemble the low-resolution graphics of early video games; while at other times, the motion suggests something more organic, like the shimmering surface of water. The layering of multiple systems manifests in hypnotic optical effects that push and pull the picture plane. "

Sunday, February 22, 2004


After requesting a mix tape from, they give you this message: "Thanks for submitting!
Hopefully you weren't one of those losers
who sent a 'mix tape for getting over THE girl' request!!!"

My request was for "Songs for watching way too much Law & Order because you volunteered to leave your job and allowed a relationship with a wonderful woman to fail because, well, it's all your own damn fault."

For the Wards

I once had a friend named Ward who lived in South Carolina, back when Hootie & The Blowfish were blowing up.

Tiny Mix Tapes: "Songs for moving to Minnesota in the middle of high school, against your will

requested by: Hannah
compiled by: Kasey Diaz

01. That Dog - �Minneapolis� (Retreat from the Sun)
02. Soul Asylum � �Chains� (Clam Dip and Other Delights)
03. Low � �Venus� (One More Reason to Forget)
04. Bob Dylan � �Girl From the North Country� (The Freewheelin� Bob Dylan)
05. H�sker D� � �Celebrated Summer� (New Day Rising)
06. Dillinger Four � �Get Your Studyhall Outta My Recess� (Versus God)
07. Atmosphere � �It Goes� (Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP�s)
08. Volante � �Selling Time� (45° North)
09. Fog � �Girl From the Gum Commercial� (Ether Teeth)
10. Prince and the Revolution � �Paisley Park� (Around the World in a Day)
11. Har Mar Superstar � �EZ Pass� (You Can Feel Me)
12. The Replacements � �Unsatisfied� (Let it Be) "

this one, too

: "You Are A 19-Year-Old Marine And I'm A 15-Year-Old High School Student. We Fell In Love While You Were In Town, And Now You've Asked Me To Marry You. This Is How I'm Saying Yes

requested by: Korrie
compiled by: Bobbi

01. The Beatles- 'All You Need Is Love' (The Beatles 1)
02. Rooney- 'Daisy Duke' (Rooney)
03. The Ataris- 'I Won't Spend Another Night Alone' (Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits)
04. MxPx- 'Everything Sucks (When You're Gone)' (Before Everything and After)
05. NoFX- 'Hotdog in a Hallway' (Heavy Petting Zoo)
06. Philmore- 'Together' (Philmore)
07. Yellowcard- 'Only One' (Ocean Avenue)
08. Rufio- 'One Slowdance' (Perhaps I Suppose...)
09. Greenday- 'Poprocks and Coke' (International Superhits)"

Tiny Mix Tapes

Exploring the 'blogosphere' (btw, shitty slang), came across this site.

current favorite: When You Want To Dance Like The Peanuts mix tape.

Orange, did you know about this site?

Tiny Mix Tapes: "Here's the deal: You send us a style, genre, word, phrase, emotion, or whatever else, and if one of our mix tape robots fancies your suggestion, that crazy set of circuits might just make a mix tape out of it -- well, at least a tracklisting for a mix tape out of it.

Our robots are on call, well, pretty much never, so please have patience and try not to be disappointed if your request doesn't show up!

If you'd like to help our robots out with the overwhelming number of requests we receive, just email D (oxygendrug at tinymixtapes dot com). Make sure the subject reads 'Help With Mix Tapes,' and you will receive an automatic message with instructions.

Thank you and enjoy! "

Saturday, February 21, 2004

from Andy Batt

Bowling Commish Photography
: "Miguel - Ad League's Founding Comissioner

Thanks to Andy Batt, photographer extraordinaire, we (meaning you) have the opportunity to pick one of these shots to be on the resume page of my portfolio. The first line will be Miguel Caballero, Founder and Commisioner, Portland Advertising Bowling League. Then there will be some crap about jobs and whatnot.

And if you need a photographer for your ads, use Andy Batt.

BTW, the trophy fucking rocks. Kudos to Andrew Keller, Marc Sobier, Tom XXXXXX and the rest of the AKA team for putting their $100 into a trophy. And more props to Nerve, HMH, @Large Films and, um, @large films, for putting more into the trophy.

Note the Ace of Spades, Lemmy. The porno dolls - Jenna and ________. The now scarily cloudy bowling pin bottle of Jim Beam. The disco ball. This thing ain't going through customs.

I'm so proud.

Shout out to frozen Mike Ward by way of good steak making Argentina.

Friday, February 20, 2004

The Von Bondies

If you like good old stomping White Stripes like rock, you must listen to C'mon, C'mon byThe Von Bondies - Yankees attempting to sign Christ upon His return

Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Miami Ad School-Student TV

This is me, January 1996, with short hair and khakis and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

The Miami Ad School-Student TV: "This commercial for NatWest won first place in 4 national and international student competitions: D&AD, L.A. Creative Awards, Creatividad and Show South. It was created by Miguel and Dawn when they were in their second quarter. Miguel's first gig was at Border's Perrin Norrander in Portland. Dawn works at Merkley Newman Harty in New York. " :: Humor - Politics - Procrastination :: Humor - Politics - Procrastination

Buttafly's guide to Friendster photos.

Kinda half-assed, if you ask me. And i should know.

Side note: My friend K8 remarked the other day that my private parts are actually public parts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Liz King, Copywriter

Liz King, Copywriter

My friend Liz has a pretty cool web page for her copywriting services. I could probably use one of those, meself.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spacelab Cook-Fournier. Kunsthaus Graz

Check this out:

Spacelab Cook-Fournier
Kunsthaus Graz
Graz, Austria

“While the building's interior is meant to inspire its curators as a "black box of hidden tricks”, its outer skin is a media facade which can be changed electronically.”
Colin Fournier

Me again: Think we checked out the clock tower and its shadow doppelganger about a year ago.

Oops, law & order SVU is on. gotta run.

life or no?

is a life filled with nothing but law & order reruns, beverage bars(coffee & adult) and blogging capable of being a fulfilling life?

stay tuned.

Saturday, February 14, 2004 - Lost in translation

2 funny tidbits from the NBA allstar weekend, via Chad Ford from ESPN - Lost in translation: "Yao Ming, C, Rockets

Q: What kind of American music do you listen to?
A: I like the National Anthem. I listen to it at least 82 times a year.
Insider Translation: I'm not sure what that means, but it was my favorite answer of the entire session. Well, with the possible exception of Brad Miller's testy exchange with the approximately three media members who actually bothered to come by his table and ask him a question ...
Brad Miller, C, Kings

Q: You played for the East last year and the West this year. What does that say about your game?
A: I got traded.
Q: What does that say about your development?
A: I didn't really expect it. I really expected to have this weekend off every year. It's a fun show. They've got to have another white American on the team. I took care of that last year, and I guess I'm holding it down again this year.
Insider Translation: Who says the NBA doesn't believe in affirmative action? " ALL-STAR 2004 ALL-STAR 2004

Wow, while half-recovering from last night's late nite, i've got the NBA Skills/3point/dunk contest on tv. They just had Nona Gaye (daughter of Marvin) singing the national anthem. It was really downtempo, soulful, mellow. And then a big screen tv appeared behind her, and they played Marvin! Marvin singing the national anthem, with Nona filling in and duetting. Stunning. Fucking stunning.

But you kinda wonder about the feelings involved in such a thing. Is it weird for Nona? Grandaddy murdered Daddy. There's that moment when good musicians vibe together and get it right and they exchange The Smile. would've been nice for her.

Gay Unions: Moderation Is Winning (

Interesting fact.

Gay Unions: Moderation Is Winning (washingtoni "In 1948, when California became the first state to strike down a ban on interracial marriages, nine out of 10 Americans were opposed. Sometimes, indeed, the milk doesn't curdle, the world doesn't fall apart and a 'radical' change becomes a new norm. "

Friday, February 13, 2004

songs to learn and download

available via Itunes:

the Von Bondies - C'mon, C'mon (from the singer that Jack White beat the holy tar out of) - great garage rock
Elbow - Grace Under Pressure - featuring a gospel choir and 50,000 other souls singing 'i believe in love, so fuck you'

not available via iTunes:
Chicken Lips - Wind ya neck in - guarantee this ends up in an ad soon. THE BASS LINE of 2004.
Franz Frerdinand - Take Me Out - hey, it's the British Strokes! only much, much better - their other single 'darts of pleasure' is cool, too.

Separated at birth

George W. Bush. Son of the former King of the Western World. Dad was not a bad guy, had respect for others, tried to give the people what they deserved. Is a complete shithead that doesn't respect anyone or the people or as Molly Ivins says,'Born on 3rd base, thinks he hit a triple.' Given everything he's ever got. A callow, uncurious, untalented shithead. Nobody likes him because he's a cocky bitch, despite the obvious lack of brains and talent. Nobody trusts him. Most of America wishes he'd fall off of a cliff.

Randy Orton. Son of the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, "Cowboy" Bob Orton.
Dad was not a bad guy, had respect for others, tried to give the people what they deserved. Is a complete shithead that doesn't respect anyone or the people or as Molly Ivins says, 'Born on 3rd base, thinks he hit a triple.' Given everything he's ever got. A callow, uncurious, untalented shithead. Nobody likes him because he's a cocky bitch, despite the obvious lack of brains and talent. Nobody trusts him. Most of America wishes he'd fall off of a cliff.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Heh. Got kinda dirty there for a while. Here's some bunnies. Hmmmm. What are bunny toys. LOL. Maybe my life isn't so pathetic. Of course, I don't have any bunnies. Damn. Here's Meg from the White Stripes in a Bunny Suit. Why do I feel like all the indie kid hipster furries will be viewing our site soon?... oh crap, I went dirty again... tidbit from West Wing "The biggest headline ever in the New York Times, 'Armstrong walks on moon.' or something like that... nice response from, shit, i don't know any of the names on the show besides Leo (heehee). Girl: Would you be going if she wasn't attractive? Guy: We'll never know... Tomorrow is back to the bored silly, people starved portion of our freelance programming. IE frequent blog entries to come.

Eh. Random notes from a day trip to interview up in Seattle... The folks at Horizon Air are all for being a fancy Seattle-PDX bus service, but pre-coffee S L O W L Y read the questions on the electronic check-in. You don't get to restart the test if you answer 'Yes' to 'Are you carrying any firearms?'... Interesting side note: they still continue on to the 'Are you carrying any knives question?' Before the nice men conduct a thorough cavity search... A little girl went through the security gate after me and had taken her shoes off. I hope that she did this because she wanted to be adultlike. Because otherwise the terrorists have already won... Also, how small do the shoes need to be before they don't have to go through the scanners?

During the interview, one of the art directors walked into the bathroom right before me. Thank God he went to the stalls, because they had the crappy ass (pun intended) extended open pelican mouth urinals and NO DIVIDER. It's hard to ask for a big salary when they know you've got a small cock...I'm getting someone (Willie? Geoffrey?) to do up an "Ask me about my low-carb cock." t-shirt... Come to think of it, this would be right up Willie's friend Hart has one of willie's "I shaved my pussy for this?" t-shirts, which when typed into google with quotes, actually only returns 4 responses... probably 5 soon after you read this...

Where was I? oh yeah, one of the other entries is a beautifully organized blog, which I'm assuming is called Minderella, because I'm lazy... and Leo, if you happen to be reading this, do you think that could be the title of your third travel book? (First book, Sand in my Bra)... I'm posting this and going to watch West Wing, and then come back and type up more random shit. Yeehaha!


From Maxim's World of Sex:

Story: Finally! Condoms strange enough for even your twisted sex life.

Maxim, April 2002

Consent Condom
The wrapper records a woman’s fingerprints as she tears tabs that document the day, month, and year of your unromantic encounter. It’s designed to prevent fraudulent charges of sexual impropriety—and since no woman would agree to use the thing, it works like a charm.
(Insert (get it? huh? get it? your own Kobe joke here. Or better yet in the comments page. Best joke gets a signed picture of Cousin Brant.)
Inspiral Condom
If a rubber got cancer, it’d look like this. The end of the inSpiral features a lopsided circle of extra latex that supposedly brings guys more pleasure. Just be sure to warn her first or she’ll think you had a terrible circumcision accident as a baby.
(Side note from the website: InSpiral condoms provide spring action. The curves of this sprial[sic] shape create an unmatched, exquisite sliding and ultra frictional sensation all around the tip of the condom. "Spring action? ... the fuck?"

KISS Kondom
What better way to rock’n’roll all night than to sport a raincoat endorsed by old guys in makeup? Choose from three types: “Love Gun Protection,” the vaguely homoerotic “Paul Studded,” and the downright horrifying “Gene Flavored.”
(Ick. Ick. Ick. Even I have lines that can be crossed.)

There. I feel better.

OK, no Morford

But you should go and signup for his column/newsletter rightnowthisveryminute.

Here's some praise: "[A] misguided, lost and carnal individual... filled with vexation and ignorance of God [who will] gladly cheer the anti-christ."
-- Christian Resource Network

And then less interestingly, here:
"The Morning Fix is Mark's deeply skewed, highly satiric, well-lubricated thrice-weekly (MWF) email newsletter & column, which is absolutely free to subscribers but costs $10,000 if you don't like it. Strangely popular among politicians, sadomasochists, and Mormons. Sign up here: "

He likes talking about sex. He went to Burning Man. What else do you need to know?

OK, through a bunch of links, I got here. No, wait, I'll put that in the next post.

Yahoo! News - Texas Saleswoman Faces Trial for Selling Sex Toys

You can't make this shit up. Pretend, pretend, pretend.

My friend Greta does this, or a variation thereof.

Portions of the article follows. Lemme rant after you read it.



Back yet? OK. I'll wait.


OK, it's NOT a surprise that things are like that in Texas. This is the state that 'still looks down on sodomy.' (Shit, Blink182 quote.)

And it's NOT a surprise that pastor Gloria Gillaspie said QUOTE she counseled some of her 'flock'. "(The sex toys were) causing problems with their marriages," she said." ENDQUOTE

Me again: God knows what happens when your womenfolk finally find out that instead of being trapped under the snoring post-coital form of your Boss Hogg husband, sex can result in Orgasm. You know what happens? All hell (not to mention battery sales) breaks loose.

What shouldn't be a surprise but is: Texans can't spell their own names. Sisemore? Gillaspie? (btw Jill Ass Pie? 'Pastor Ass pie can you tell me about the joy of a sexless marriage?')

And who let James Brown on to the local chamber of commerce?

Towards the end of the article, and btw, what a fucking pr coup for Grandma Davis, the president of Passion Parties who says, ""Women are looking for ways to enhance their relationship, enhance their sensuality and they have nowhere to go," Davis said. "

Me: How bout the hell out of Texas? That might be a good place to go.

Further: "We are doing a lot to help women, to help couples and to help families," Davis said.

There's a notion: that Mom might be just a little happier if she could have oil rig rattling, earth shaking, TEXAS SIZE ORGASMS.

Those of you with really happy well-adjusted moms can puke now.

We'll see what Mark Morford had to say in a sec.

Monday, February 09, 2004

missing the wwe

Had the chance to sneak out of work tonight to head over to watch the WWE, live at the Rose Garden. Wandered around trying to find a ticket scalper with a decent price, but no luck.

Tickets for 300 level were $35.

But even the heels (note: wrestling insider term) act better than the Blazers. Sheed was at the event. I'm wondering if he found about being traded while at The Rose Garden, watching the Nature Boy and The Wolverine battle each other.

OK. not much of interest in this post. FAke it til you make it, baby. I'm a hard bloggin' mother fucker.

the best thing ever, currently

Outkast's new amazing video for Hey Ya! Starring, um, the Peanuts.

Here.Oh, wait, here.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

CBS apologizes for Jackson exposure

A *much* more innocuous headline than had initially appeared.

"CBS apologized on Sunday for an unexpectedly R-rated end to its Super Bowl halftime show, when singer Justin Timberlake tore off part of Janet Jackson 's top, exposing her breast.

"CBS deeply regrets the incident," spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade said after the network received several calls about the show.

The two singers were performing a flirtatious duet to end the halftime show, and at the song's finish, Timberlake reached across Jackson's leather gladiator outfit and pulled off the covering to her right breast.

The network quickly cut away from the shot, and did not mention the incident on the air.

Timberlake said he did not intend to expose Jackson's breast.

"I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl," Timberlake said in a statement. "It was not intentional and is regrettable."

Wade said CBS officials attended rehearsals of the halftime show all week, "and there was no indication any such thing would happen. The moment did not conform to CBS' broadcast standards and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended."

The Super Bowl halftime show, which also featured P. Diddy, Nelly and Kid Rock, was produced by MTV, CBS' corporate cousin in Viacom.

"We were extremely disappointed by elements of the MTV-produced halftime show," Joe Browne, NFL executive vice president, said. "They were totally inconsistent with assurances our office was given about the content of the show.

"It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime."

MTV issued a contrite statement, saying the incident was "unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional.""

the best hour of tv ever

my old friend Andrew Lane is on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. seeing his back hair waxed almost made me pee myself.

and my friend Michele just called in hysterics, reminiscing about a bbq he had at his house and how terrible his bathroom was.

the gospel of good production values

from no less a source than God's apostles themselves, spending money on higher production standards in advertising are the Lord's Way.

From gospel tract bizFine Christian Bible tracts for outreach evangelism

"The gospel tracts that we present to the world in Christian evangelism speak volumes about who we are and how we value our church and God. Each Christian tract must be attractive enough to survive the trip home, and then it must deliver the salvation message of Jesus Christ clearly and quickly. These tracts are excellent for Christian outreach, evangelism, short term missions trip, summer missions trip. Please be assured that each one of these gospel tracts will be gratefully received and read, and as God uses them, we will see many come to know His salvation. Remember that a great portion of unattractive Christian tracts with no color will never be read, and in the end, they will cost more per soul than the nice evangelism tracts. All of our Christian outreach evangelism tracts are printed on coated paper (needed for bright colors) and all have God's plan of Salvation."