Friday, September 28, 2007

What Dan Savage and Dr. Ruth don't understand about sex. - Compiled by Morgan Smith - Slate Magazine

A really interesting 'sex issue' of online mag Slate.

The Shroom should do a sex issue....

Of all of the responses, this is the one i found most interesting and thoughtful. I'd like a rabbi in my life...

What Dan Savage and Dr. Ruth don't understand about sex. - Compiled by Morgan Smith - Slate Magazine: "Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of Kosher Sex, Kosher Adultery, and Shalom in the Home. What I don't understand about sex is the fundamental contradiction it poses to love. While love deepens with time and shared experience, sex is stifled by relationship and routine. It seems to thrive most through novelty rather than intimacy, through new flesh rather than old love. Sex is the quintessential expression of love. We even call it lovemaking. So, why are so many couples who are so deeply in love with each other, after so many years of being together, utterly sexless? Why must couples choose between being lovers and being best friends, between being passionate and being intimate? King Solomon proclaims in his famous Song that there is a love like fire and a love like water, and it seems that one cancels the other out. The fiery love of sex and erotic passion becomes more and more muted through the more watery love of marital routine, familial patterns, and an increasing number of anniversaries celebrated. Why can't sex and love go absolutely hand in hand, as they should?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GOP SD Mayor Sanders Supports Gay Marriage

From an article on Mark Morford's SF Gate site.

Touching and honest.

GOP mayor votes for gay marriage

From Mark Morford
A column from one of my favorite straight columnists in SF, and the YouTube video attached to it:

The San Diego mayor