Thursday, November 30, 2006

Naked, drugged man attacked by alligator remains in hospital - Orlando Sentinel : Southwest News Naked, drugged man attacked by alligator remains in h

Florida, home of Gators, Crackheads & Chain Restaurants.

Naked, drugged man attacked by alligator remains in hospital - Orlando Sentinel : Southwest News Naked, drugged man attacked by alligator remains in hospital - Orlando Sentinel : Southwest News: "Naked, drugged man attacked by alligator remains in hospital

Amy L. Edwards | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted November 30, 2006, 11:28 AM EST

LAKELAND -- A man attacked by an alligator after smoking crack near a Polk County lake remained hospitalized this morning.

His family declined to allow Lakeland Regional Medical Center to release the condition of Adrian Apgar, 45, who was pulled from an alligator's jaws Wednesday morning by Polk deputies. The Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that Apgar suffered a broken arm, a nearly severed arm, significant trauma to his buttocks and leg and was critically injured."

Waiting to Be Wooed - New York Times

Sound thoughts. But can't you sense the unanswered creepy hatred of outsiders lurking just below the surface here?

Waiting to Be Wooed - New York Times: " Waiting to Be Wooed

Published: November 30, 2006

I’ve never been a swing voter before. For most of my adult life I’ve felt the Republicans tended to have the best approaches to expand economic opportunity, meet foreign threats and restore a culture of personal responsibility. But over the past few years I’ve grown estranged from many Republicans, especially the ones leading the House. I’m one of those suburbanites who thought the G.O.P. deserved to lose the last election, and now I find myself floating out there in independent-land, not a Democrat, just looking for something new."

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Seinfeld "Lost Episode" Featuring Kramer's Racist Statements -

Thought it would suck, but is actually kinda funny.

And yes, I bill 8 hours a day.

Seinfeld "Lost Episode" Featuring Kramer's Racist Statements -

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I work with retards

Working on a new campaign with the tagline, in it's PC version as "By geniuses for... not geniuses."

Matt Dillon can cover the non-PC version.

music is art: Joshua Petker

Love the rawness of these paintings over at music is art.

Local weather

Local weather
Originally uploaded by ideateller.

For some reason, the discrepancy between the time listed for Sunset and the

forecast for 5pm made me laugh.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Charlotte Observer | 11/27/2006 | $20 USC-Clemson bet led to killing, police say

Who says college football isn't more important than life and death?

And who says the fine folks of the State of South Carolina aren't up to date with the latest technilogical innovations?

Charlotte Observer | 11/27/2006 | $20 USC-Clemson bet led to killing, police say: "$20 USC-Clemson bet led to killing, police say
Authorities say winner got rifle after friend refused to settle wager on football game

A South Carolina Gamecocks fan fatally shot a friend over a $20 bet on a weekend football game, authorities said.

James Walter Quick watched the South Carolina-Clemson game Saturday at his friend's house in Lexington, S.C., about 100 miles south of Charlotte. The Gamecocks came from behind and won, 31-28.

Quick celebrated.

But his friend, Clemson fan Richard Allen Johnson, said the Tigers shouldn't have lost and refused to pay, authorities said. So Quick left the house and retrieved a high-powered rifle from his Chevrolet Corsica.

'He went back in and told Richard, `I want my money or I'm going to shoot you,' ' said Lexington County Sheriff James Metts, adding that both had been drinking beer.

Metts said Johnson's wife and several friends told police that Johnson then said: 'You can't shoot me, I'm invisible.'

And Quick replied, 'No you're not.'"

The Big O: Fireworks? Or is your sex life less than explosive? -

Every woman I've ever been with has come every single time. It's true. Absolutely true.

The Big O: Fireworks? Or is your sex life less than explosive? - "The Big O: Fireworks? Or is your sex life less than explosive?
POSTED: 4:33 p.m. EST, November 27, 2006
By Kara Jesella

When Meg Ryan faked an orgasm at the deli in When Harry Met Sally, audiences were embarrassed and a little shocked. That was 1989. Today? Orgasms -- real ones --are everywhere. The interns on Grey's Anatomy seem to have them regularly, and Sex and the City's Samantha thrashes and moans two nights a week -- in prime time! It's enough to make the average woman feel like a bit of an underachiever. While we all suspect that endlessly orgasmic Samantha isn't entirely 'normal,' we're not sure we are, either."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The magic of giving.

I. Am. A. Sap.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Githered - The Crush's Illustration Blog

very funny, very cool stuff.

from the multi-talented Beth Ryan.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lukira: Space Balls

Very cool art exhibit. (HT: Wendy)

Can't write more - the traditional Thanksgiving Buffalo Wings are ready.

Lukira: Space Balls: "Space Balls

Australian artist Nike Savvas makes final adjustments to her art piece consisting of over 50,000 polystyrene balls at the New South Wales Art Gallery in Sydney August 3, 2006. The sculpture titled 'Atomix - Full of Love, Full of Wonder' , vibrates with wind from 10 fans and represents the different 'shimmering' colours in a hot, outback landscape. It is part of a sculpture exhibition 'Adventures with Form in Space' that will open to the public next week."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Young Pony Club

Guys, don't use this for your commercials. It's being overloaded in the new Intel spots that don't seem to make much sense unless the brief was "Look like an iTunes ad".

I recommend the Van She mix. Downloads available after the link. "My Love Is Like A Pony...

01167 20 71 1167901702 LMore now than ever, we gravitate around the single. I won't even throw in the tag 'indie' because at this point it doesn't even really matter. For a while now, everyone has been dancing and singing along to the track 'Ice Cream' by Australia's New Young Pony Club. 'Ice Cream' is quite impossible to avoid, whether it's one of a number of remixes being beaten to death by DJ's or the new Intel ads that appear to be the creation of Mitsubishi's hijacked ad firm. In the end, the single's staying power and popularity ride more on the remixes than the original. In fact, after listening to five different remixes of the track, I can't even go back and listen to the original."

Orpheum Theatre Photo Gallery

Seeing Cat Power live at the Orpheum this coming Saturday night. Really cool old school LA venue.

Check out the 360 degree photos after the jump. But take your Dramamine first.

Orpheum Theatre Photo Gallery

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lose weight with red wine

(HT: Jen Leo)

Telegraph | News | Lose weight on red wine diet: "

Lose weight on red wine diet

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

A substance found in red wine could double endurance as well as cut weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, according to a new study.

High levels of the substance - called resveratrol - could help shed weight and boost tolerance for exercise because it activates a “longevity gene”, according to a study published in the journal Cell by Sirtris Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Prof Johan Auwerx at the University Louis Pasteur.


Danish Speed Control: Bikini Bandits -

Funny and interesting. Reads like a mocumentary tv ad.

Danish Speed Control: Bikini Bandits - "Danish Speed Control: Bikini Bandits

11/9/2006 - The Danish may be the coolest people on earth. To prevent cars from speeding through town they commissioned a group of busty blondes to hold up speed limit signs and slow people down. We need this in the US NOW!"

Friday, November 17, 2006 Page 2 : Friday surprise! Mailbag time

I've always been fairly convinced that a little Solomonic justice would make politics/ex-dictators/randy presidents more accountable.

Who would have been against Clinton agreeing to wear an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt with a two-way arrow pointing up and down for the remainder of his presidency. That'd save us taxpayers a couple 100 million or so. Page 2 : Friday surprise! Mailbag time: "Q: My buddies and I were talking about appropriate punishments for dictators like Saddam Hussein, and we came up with an idea that works for everyone and could raise money for the International Criminal Court without using tax dollars. Why not charge admission for people to look at convicted dictators in their jail cells, kind of like a zoo for genocidal megalomaniacs? Think about it: you put them in small, basic cells behind plexiglass and charge 25 euros to watch them go about their day. Tourists could get baked at a local coffee shop and head over to the jail to gawk at Slobodan Milosevic sitting on a cot watching '90210' reruns. You could even charge extra to feed them falafel pellets and shawarma biscuits. This would be a far worse fate for a once-proud dictator then being executed. Who wouldn't pay 25 euros to watch Saddam Hussein in his underwear eating Cheetos?
--Kris, Washington

SG: DeVito from Washington, you've been bounced! That's the new Greatest E-mail of 2006. And just for the record, I'd pay 200 euros to see dictators in zoo cages."



Thursday, November 16, 2006

Devon Suter :: Pull My Finger ? Blog Archive ? Anatomy of an office party

(HT: Joel Bloom)

One of Bloom's old creative directors was responsible for this. Jump the link for the pictures.

Devon Suter :: Pull My Finger ? Blog Archive ? Anatomy of an office party: "Anatomy of an office party

I’ve been sitting on this for a week or so because I wanted to do it right. And “right” in this case meant waiting for the pictures.

It’s always a tightrope when the new job asks you to help out with the office Halloween party. Especially when you’re slightly messed up in the head and everybody knows it. If they ask you, then that must mean they want something a little “off,” right?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The fact that I had to break a few Interstate Commerce laws and lie to a medical supply house about my nonexistent biotech lab seemed like a pretty basic cost of entry.

And so it came to pass that a tightly wound group of advertising professionals ended up playing with dead pigs.

In case you’re wondering what bulk fetal pigs look like fresh from the vine, it’s something like an entire fraternity stuffed in a phone booth, with an overwhelming stench of airplane glue."

Year of the Gator, pt. I: Frisbee team wins 1st title ::

In Columbia, SC, I played Ultimate with a bunch of guys from work. 100 degree heat, non-stop sprinting (more than soccer, I'd guess, since all areas of the field are active) and all of the guys are smokin' pot on th sidelines.

Must. Find. Championship. T-shirt.

Frisbee team wins 1st title ::: "Frisbee team wins 1st title

By Jenna Marina Independent Florida Alligator

June 1, 2006

Gainesville, FL (CSTV U-WIRE) -- The UF men's ultimate Frisbee team won its first national championship at the 2006 Ultimate Players Association College Ultimate Championships on Sunday against Wisconsin by a score of 15-12.

The team earned its bid to the championships after winning all 11 games of its sectional and regional tournaments. It was victorious in all six games it competed in at the championship tournament.

'By the numbers, this was the most impressive season of any college Frisbee team ever,' co-captain Cyle Van Auken said. 'But more importantly, this was the best team that could have been created. Top to bottom, everybody was committed to the ideals and goals of the season.'

In addition to winning the championship, second-year graduate student Tim Gehert won the Callahan Award, which is given to the most valuable player in college ultimate as voted by his peers.

'It's a dream come true,' Gehert said. 'I always thought that I'd have a shot at winning it, but never did I actually, really believe I could win it. It's an honor.'"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - NCF - Pair selling Michigan-OSU tix to defray adoption costs

Let's put two things I'm semi-completely obsessed about, and see if i don't blog about it. - NCF - Pair selling Michigan-OSU tix to defray adoption costs: "Couple selling tickets to defray adoption costs
Associated Press

With fans scrambling to obtain tickets to Saturday's Michigan-Ohio State football game, a couple is auctioning off their seats to raise money to adopt a boy from Guatemala.

Ken and Kristie Sigler have season tickets in the closed end of Ohio Stadium, about 10 rows from the field. They have put the two tickets up for sale on eBay, hoping the payout helps defray the $12,500 cost to begin processing their adoption paperwork.

They set the minimum bid at $1,000, with an option to purchase the tickets directly for $1,500. No bids had been made as of early Tuesday.

At first, the couple thought it would be difficult for them to sell the tickets, but with adoption fees mounting -- costs total about $30,000, including the paperwork fee -- the decision became easier.

The top-ranked Buckeyes and second-ranked Wolverines are both undefeated, and the winner advances to the national championship game.

'It's just one day, one game, compared to changing this little boy's life with us,' Kristie Sigler said."

New Talent on 60 Minutes

I think they just update this everytime a celebrity dies.

Actually, this insomnia and bear-and-satan-heavy-nightmare spate is causing mental slowness. The whole things about 60 minutes.


New Talent on 60 Minutes

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Advertising Age - Launch of Pubic-Hair-Coloring Product Line Scores PR Coup

Perpetuating the media buzz.

Soon to be appearing in a student portfolio near you.

Advertising Age - Launch of Pubic-Hair-Coloring Product Line Scores PR Coup: "Betty Beauty Concept Rides Wild Wave of TV, Magazine Exposure

By Jack Neff

Published: November 12, 2006
CINCINNATI ( -- If you think a brown betty is an apple tart, you may not want to read further.
Betty Beauty's pubic-hair-dying kits are being marketed with names such as Brown Betty, Fun Betty, Blond Betty, Auburn Betty and Black Betty that designate color -- Fun Betty is hot pink. ALSO: Comment on this article in the 'Your Opinion' box below.
Betty Beauty's pubic-hair-dying kits are being marketed with names such as Brown Betty, Fun Betty, Blond Betty, Auburn Betty and Black Betty that designate color -- Fun Betty is hot pink. ALSO: Comment on this article in the 'Your Opinion' box below.

Media buzz
That's not the meaning ascribed by Betty Beauty, a New York startup that is getting big PR play by marketing hair color for the nether regions. Billed as 'color for the hair down there,' the company began really building buzz this summer with a brief appearance on the 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' and mentions in magazines such as Vogue, W and People Style Watch"

Monday, November 13, 2006

Burning Man Spreads Its Flame - New York Times

References to Hot Sauce and Playa Barbie, and quotes from Leo.

Burning Man Spreads Its Flame - New York Times: "THEY were all there: the shirtless guys in weird top hats walking around on stilts; women with unexercised buttocks spilling out of metallic hot pants; people in loincloths twirling fire. To anyone who has visited Burning Man, the arts festival in the Nevada desert now in its 16th year, the cast was instantly recognizable.
Skip to next paragraph
Enlarge This Image
Kate Lacey for The New York Times

BORN TO BE WILD: Members of the Black Label Bike Club ready to joust at a party in Brooklyn. The club wanted a scene less “soft and safe” than Burning Man.
Kate Lacey for The New York Times

A reveler at the Black Label Bike Club’s block party in Brooklyn.

Except this party wasn’t in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, with close to 40,000 alternative culture-vultures covered in dust.

It was a few blocks from Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall and the 101 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles.

An estimated 5,000 Burners, as festival-goers are known, gathered Oct. 14 for a “decompression” party, part reunion and part fund-raiser for the Burning Man organization. The purpose was to reconnect with friends last seen dancing in a pagan frenzy near neon-lighted art installations, before the ritual torching of the 40-foot effigy that gives the gathering its name."

Friday, November 10, 2006

China: Scapegoat or Sputnik - New York Times

So, we (the dems) won.

Now what?

I like this last line from Thomas Friedman about Bill Gates and statistics.

Same problem with my high school graduating class. Add in Rob Thomas at over 10 million earned, and Varitek at 3 or 4 million a year, and the average salary in my class has to be over $150k/year.

Median salary is probably more like 50.

China: Scapegoat or Sputnik - New York Times: "The other is the mood reflected in a Nov. 2 analysis in The Financial Times, headlined: “Anxious Middle: Why Ordinary Americans Have Missed Out on the Benefits of Growth.”

Technology and globalization are flattening the global economic playing field today, enabling many more developing nations to compete for white-collar and blue-collar jobs once reserved for the developed world. This is one reason why growth in wages for the average U.S. worker has not been keeping pace with our growth in productivity and G.D.P.

“Economists call this phenomenon median wage stagnation,” noted The Financial Times. “Median measures give the best picture of what is happening to the middle class because, unlike mean or average wages, median wages are not pulled upwards by rapid gains at the top. As the joke goes: Bill Gates walks into a bar and, on average, everyone there becomes a millionaire. But the median does not change.”


Monday, November 06, 2006

Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD! :: Edit Post ' Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD! '

Posted over on

Was all set to load up the Again!Again! Fall Cornucopia mix, until the Santa Ana winds blew down from the East.

Instead, here's songs that replicate the high dust chapparal and the unseasonably warm temps here in Southern California.

Starts a little warm and glam and then gets dusty, righteous and angry (Topical for the election tomorrow, too) then settles into a full moon night on the beach.

Hole - Malibu
(written by Kurt Cobain)

Neko Case - Deep Red Bells

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists

Ian Brown - So Many Soldiers

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down

Calexico - El Picador

The Coral - Don't Think You're the First

Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

Santa Ana wind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Santa Ana winds may get their name from the Santa Ana Mountains that lie in Orange County or the Santa Ana Canyon through which the winds are noted for their high speed. Many Southern Californians believe that the traditional name is Santanas, meaning devil winds in an undetermined language. The similar word 'Satan?s' is Spanish for 'Satan.' Santanas was occasionally used in early reports,"

Big news a'comin'


Gatorland burns down

Gatorland burns down
Originally uploaded by ideateller.

Somewhere, I've got a picture lying around of the Portland Ice Cream

Parlour, shortly after it shut down.

Their marquee said, "We are closed. Everything on sale. This is sad."

That's who I feel about this.


606,0,1312068.story?coll=orl-home-headlines"> Sentinel: Gatorland burns down

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Saturday thoughts + BloomKing photos

BloomKing individual photos here from Andy + Therese. Warning: There's 700 of them, and they'll all make you feel like a terrible photographer. Great work Batts.Web Gallery The BloomKing Wedding / Index 1

More randomness:
Some kid just won $100,000 when he nailed a 30 yard field goal in one of those Dr. Pepper type contests. Always brings a smile to my face to see. Kid took a victory lap. I'm wondering if there's a team I hate so much that I'd boo one of their fans for making one of those field goals.

Thinking more about Big Gay Doogie Howser. Someone really does need to start 'The Gay Pool', which would be just like 'The Dead Pool' but instead of betting on people dying, you'd wager on people coming out.

I'll take Pink, Tiki Barber & any Republican US Senator.

BloomKing Wedding

Ladies & Gents the BloomKing reception.

Random Saturday notes

A slight middle finger to Time Warner Cable's customer service department, which took 30 minutes to answer the phone and let me order the Gator game on PPV.

Went and grabbed a salmon burger from the cafe next door. The Eastern Mystic Knick-knack store across the courtyard from them was playing 'Do they know it's Christmas?'. Very disorienting, even more so while wearing flip-flops, 70 degree weather and perfect blue skies. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that someone can consider this as the Holiday Season.

Speaking of crass commercialism: Who should go to a lower circle of hell: John Mellencamp or the people responsible for linking MLK + Rosa Parks to Chevy.

In theory, it's better for the Gators when the teams we beat win. However, when I'm actually watching our rivals play other teams live, my heart wants them to lose, lose, lose.

Y'know, there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas, either. Possibly because it's *summer*.

Semi-random Wayne's World quote from Wendy. "I thought I had mono once for an entire year. Turned out I was just really bored." Me? I'm sick today and it feels like mono. Just tired and weak.

Sudoku, Rubik's Cube. Rubik's cube, meet Sudoku.
The Sudoku portion of my life is officially over. Instead of challenging now, it just feels like work. I know I'm going to solve it, it's just a matter of time.

BloomKing wedding video via Andy Batt and Therese to come. Although, I'm guessing everyone besides K8, Orange & Joanna who read this site were actually at the wedding.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Neil Patrick Harris Says He Is Gay - New York Times

I'm not reading this. It's got to be a side-effect of the Dayquil I'm taking right now.

Neil Patrick Harris Says He Is Gay - New York Times: "Neil Patrick Harris Says He Is Gay

Article Tools Sponsored By
Published: November 3, 2006

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Neil Patrick Harris is gay and wants to quell any rumors to the contrary. ''(I) am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest,'' Harris tells People magazine's Web site.

The 33-year-old actor said he was motivated to disclose his sexuality because of recent ''speculation and interest in my private life and relationships.''

Harris stars on the CBS comedy ''How I Met Your Mother.'' He started on TV as a teen, playing the namesake doctor on the series ''Doogie Howser, M.D.''"

Gunshots Fired at "Dukes of Hazzard" Star -

Cue Dukes VO Voice:


Actually, I can't think of anything that makes this story better.

Gunshots Fired at "Dukes of Hazzard" Star - "Gunshots Fired at 'Dukes of Hazzard' Star

Filed under: TV, Wacky and Weird

TMZ has learned that '80s TV heartthrob John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the classic 'Dukes of Hazzard' TV series, was shot at (but not hit) on the way to a screening of his new movie in Enterprise, Alabama earlier today.

According to Schneider, who currently co-stars in the TV show 'Smallville,' he and a stunt coordinator were towing three vehicles used in the his new movie 'Collier & Co.,' when a deafening blast forced the men to pull over.

The two men were shocked to find that a bullet had ripped through the wing window of a Dodge Charger they were towing, which had been used as a stunt car in the film.

Despite the scare, both men were unharmed and still managed to make it on time to the sold-out premiere."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween weekend

Too much love. You guys make me proud to wear the gold lamé.

More stories and pictures to come.