Friday, August 15, 2003

Operation, the Infrared porn

Friend Brenda gave me a copy of this very *odd* infrared porn that I'll be taking to Burning Man and letting the video guys incorporate into their VJ sets.

story here

"Smart, sexy, beautiful Gina Velour is the star of The Operation, an independent short film which won an award at the 1995 Chicago Underground Film Festival. Shot entirely in eerie, otherworldly black-and-white infrared video, it's the story of a very intimate encounter between a surgeon and her patient. Outspoken, articulate, and possessed of a great sense of humor, head surgeon Gina Velour shares her thoughts on erotica, feminism, and how cold an operating room can be.


Donna Jagela: Not only were you the star and heard of the medical team in The Operation, you were involved with every step of the film's creative process---you worked on the story boarding, you were involved in the set design, the costumes and post-production. You were there for everything. AND you got to have hot sex on screen! How did you get so lucky?

Gina Velour: It was the best of both worlds! I've been lovers with the Otto Wrek character for several years. We'd never been in an erotic film before. We started with this idea that we wanted to be photographed together, kissing, but we wanted to be photographed via x-ray, thinking it would look really weird and really cool. But we scrapped that idea because it would have been a really unsafe, unhealthy thing to do. And then, out of the blue, we had to access to this infrared camera and decided to make a film together. It was story-boarded and put together literally overnight! There was no time to think about the pros and cons. Here's this camera, no one else is going to be in a film like this for us, so it has to be us in the film!

It was a very small crew, only about five people on the set including Otto and me. And I did handle a lot-set dressings, costumes, and more. It was such a small crew that everybody had huge jobs. "

magic propaganda mill

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Franken v. Fox, Scalia to decide...

From the NYTimes

"So, the satirist Al Franken writes a book making fun of the Fox News Network, mocking Bill O'Reilly and the gang, and its response is to sue him? The publisher of Mr. Franken's new book — "Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right" — must be having heart flutters. You can't buy this kind of publicity.

This strange lawsuit has all the feel of an O'Reilly shouting match shoved onto an unlikely new stage: the Supreme Court of New York State. For Fox, the issue is — among other things — Mr. Franken's use of the words "fair and balanced" in its subtitle. The network's lawyers are arguing that those words belong to Fox as part of its trademark. (Journalism schools need to take note here.)

Mr. Franken and Mr. O'Reilly have had one or two public set-tos already, and Fox's complaint sounds like a collection of things Mr. O'Reilly wishes he'd remembered to say at their last encounter. It calls Mr. Franken "deranged," a "parasite," "sophomoric" and lacking "any serious depth or insight."

Friday, August 08, 2003

Adweek recognizes Oregon Cheese work

Fuckin' sweet (although they used the one headline I didn't write. Ah well). From Adweek.

"Why are there so many good ads for milk and cheese? Maybe the thought of contented cows puts otherwise discontented agency creatives in a positive frame of mind. Cows could easily trample us; instead, they nourish us. How can we not feel good about their milk and the foods it yields? Actually, advertisers used to botch things up by harping on the fact that dairy products are nutritious. Nowadays, they present milk and cheese more in the way ice cream has always been positioned: as a palate-pleasing treat. The cheese of a particular state is an especially suitable candidate for such treatment, since consumers are now programmed to regard "regional cuisine" as superior to geographically undifferentiated food. Brief copy here explains that "Oregon cows produce some of the finest milk in the country." Another ad in the series shows what appears to be the crowd at a Green Bay Packers game, complete with fans wearing "cheesehead" hats. The headline: "We've tasted cheese from other states. And we'd have to agree, it makes a great hat." Cheese plain and simple may be a commodity, but Oregon cheese is a specialty. With its comparison of cheesemaking to winemaking—modified by the caveat that "we don't stomp on our cows"—the ad amplifies this note of connoisseurship, but without letting a tone of pretentiousness creep in. (And don't try to tell me you indulged in cow-stomping when you were a mischievous teenager.) "

JohnsonSheen Advertising, Portland, Ore.

Oregon Dairy Farmers

Creative director
Mike Sheen

Art director
Brent Anderson

Eric Samsel
Miguel Caballero

Jo Marie

David Emmitte (insets)
Polara Studios (cheese shots)

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

7 Basic Human Emotions

from the NYTIMES (what else?)

"Q. What are the basic human emotions?
A. There are seven that have very clear facial signals — anger, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and happiness."

My question: Are there different emoticons between disgust and contempt?

Monday, August 04, 2003

from a review of the Drive By-Truckers

"'Outfit' testifies to the parts of the Southern thing worth saving: honesty without irony, aspirations without the bitterness, heritage without the hate."

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Kobe's Teen Choice

Maybe the most unfortunate award choice possible for Kobe, given the age of the accuser.

Does Kobe even *have* a fucking publicist or lawyer? Or is it the same one advising R. Kelly?

Bryant, wife attend Teen Choice Awards

August 3, 2003

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. (AP) -- In a rare public appearance since he was charged with sexual assault, Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa attended the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, where he was honored as favorite male athlete.

The Los Angeles Lakers' star held his fist in the air after claiming his trophy, a multicolored surfboard emblazoned with the words ``Teen Choice Awards 2003.'' He also won last year.

Bryant made a peace sign with his fingers and a thumbs-up gesture, and waved to fans on the arrivals line. He also kissed his wife's hand.

The 24-year-old basketball star has said he had sex with a 19-year-old employee at a Colorado resort June 30 but denies her claims of sexual assault. He's free on $25,000 bond.

The Teen Choice Awards was taped for broadcast Aug. 6 on the Fox network. That's the same day Bryant is due in court for a hearing on the charges.

Votes for favorite actors, musicians and athletes were cast on forms published in Teen People and made available on the Internet through America Online.

Winners were chosen from the top four vote receivers in each category by a committee of AOL, Teen People and Fox representatives. Spokesmen for the companies did not return calls seeking comment Sunday on whether the winners were chosen before or after accusations against Bryant were made public.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Communism rules!

From East German restaurant in SF, Walzwerk .

"It all began in the East German state of Thüringen...

For many years, the food we've grown up with our entire lives was hidden from the rest of the world from behind a wall. Now anyone in San Francisco is allowed a taste.

Walzwerk is born. Creativity fueled by a closed economy and limited resources helped create new spins on traditional German dishes. Substitution and improvisation led to delicious original recipes. We've even learned to use vegetables! "

Kinda like how hip-hop was created...

Thanks to Leo