Tuesday, November 26, 2002

In Orlando for a wedding and Thanksgiving. There is a beautiful gleaming new Gotham City style Courthouse building downtown. And it has a vulture problem.


pix to come.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

this bears repeating.

Punk Kittens - They ROCK! by Joel Veitch rathergood.com - music White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl - many thanks to Liam Thompson for hosting the flash file

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

this is the best film review i've ever read.

The Portland Mercury: Film (11/14/02) Welcome Back Potter In the second film based on the books by J.K. Rowling, young sorcerer Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) awakes on a dirty fishing trawler, suffering from amnesia and pinworms. Quarantined in the ship's hold, he is befriended by the ship's gardener, a former Thai prostitute with secrets of his own. From a tiny book implanted beneath his skin, Harry learns of his schooling at Hogwart's. Despite the book's dire warnings, Harry returns to find the academy empty, his classmates and teachers alive, but frozen inside the school's computer lab. After freeing his friends Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasely (Rupert Grint), Harry digitizes himself and prepares to face the Master Computer Programme (played by Patrick MacGoohan), the electronic overlord that has enslaved the minds of Hogwart's faculty and students in order to magically crack military encryption codes and gain control of the world's nuclear arsenal.

Director Chris Columbus stays faithful to Rowling's wildly imaginative tale, bringing to life a horde of lascivious sea elves, a robotic blind man, an enchanted elevator that doesn't move at all (or does it?), a hatchback that drives on the wrong side of the road, and a shrieking diaper that may or may not hold the key to Harry's identity. The film is a wonderfully giddy rollercoaster ride from start to finish, climaxing in a breathtaking chase on digital broomsticks across a glowing grid.

Monday, November 18, 2002

street art is art. but is documenting street art, art?


Saturday, November 16, 2002

A quip about watching a really bad sports team (in a story about the Cubs, natch).
ChicagoSports.com - Cubs' biggest victory in years And, despite the deep-seated certainty of jaded fans (or eyewitnesses, as they are known in other contexts) that the Cubs somehow would blow it, they didn't. Hendry, with mentor-turned-assistant Gary Hughes assisting and MacPhail taking occasional shifts at the wheel, got his man

Friday, November 15, 2002

yatta! yatta merchandise. Because you just can't get enough yatta.

own yatta on DVD
yatta underwear. perfect for intimate moments, or everyday wear around tokyo.(thanks matt!)
show your yatta pride with a happatai t-shirt. bai-Q!

did i mention that i'm secretly...

www.mnftiu.cc | get your war on | page sixteen

hey, that'd be a good story starter...

Thursday, November 14, 2002

The Very Best of the Stone Roses is released in England this week. But screw that, just get the first album.

The Stone Roses: self-titled - PopMatters Music Review Make love to this album, get stoned to this album, start an uprising to this album, change the world to this album. For this album has changed many people's world and a world without it would be a place with slightly less magic.

Someone actually has more free time than I do. Or a DVD player at work.

Amazon.com: Music: High Fidelity [SOUNDTRACK] The official soundtrack is a good listen, but for those who are curious as to what was left off, below is the complete (I think) list of songs used and/or referenced in the movie.

(from DVD credits, in order of appearance in film)

1. "You're Gonna Miss Me", The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
2. "I Want Candy", Bow Wow Wow
3. "Crocodile Rock", Elton John
4. "Crimson and Clover", Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
5. "Seymour Stein", Belle & Sebastian
6. "Jacob's Ladder", Rush (not actually in the film -- Jack Black is "singing" part of guitar solo as he comes in to work late)
7. "Walking On Sunshine", K.C. and the Sunshine Band
8. "Baby Got Going", Liz Phair
9. "Little Did I Know", Brother JT 3
10. "I'm Wrong About Everything", John Wesley Harding
11. "I Can't Stand the Rain", Ann Peebles
12. "The River", Bruce Springsteen
13. "Baby, I Love Your Way", Lisa Bonet
14. "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam", The Vaselines
15. "Cold Blooded Old Times", Smog
16. "On Hold", Edith Frost
17. "Hyena 1", Goldie
18. "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Babe", Barry White
19. "Always See Your Face", Love
20. "Soaring and Boring", Plush
21. "Leave Home", The Chemical Brothers
22. "Four To the Floor", John Etkin-Bell
23. "Loopfest", Toby Bricheno and Jan Cryka
24. "Who Loves the Sun", The Velvet Underground
25. "Robbin's Nest", Illinois Jacquet
26. "Rock Steady", Aretha Franklin
27. "Suspect Device", Stiff Little Fingers
28. "Dry the Rain", The Beta Band
29. "We Are the Champions", Queen
30. "I'm Glad You're Mine", Al Green
31. "Your Friend and Mine", Love
32. "Shipbuilding", Elvis Costello
33. "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You", Bob Dylan
34. "Get It Together", Grand Funk Railroad
35. "Fallen For You", Sheila Nicholls
36. "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'", The Velvet Underground
37. "This India", Harbhajhn Singh and Navinder Pal Singh
38. "Tread Water", De La Soul
39. "The Moonbeam Song", Harry Nilsson
40. "Juice (Know the Ledge)", Eric B. and Rakim
41. "Doing It Anyway", Apartment 26
42. "What's On Your Mind", Eric B. and Rakim
43. "Good and Strong", Sy Smith
44. "Mendocino", Sir Douglas Quintet
45. "Inside Game", Royal Trux
46. "The Night Chicago Died", Paper Lace (Jack Black spoofs it -- "The Night Laura's Daddy Died")
47. "Chapel of Rest", Dick Walter
48. "Most of the Time", Bob Dylan
49. "I Get the Sweetest Feeling", Jackie Wilson
50. "Lo Boob Oscillator", Stereolab
51. "The Anti-Circle", The Roots
52. "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy", The Kinks
53. "Homespun Rerun (Cornelius Remix)", High Llamas
54. "Hit the Street", Rupert Gregson-Williams
55. "Let's Get It On", Jack Black
56. "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)", Stevie Wonder
57. "My Little Red Book", Love

(songs mentioned in dialogue but not in credits)

1. "Little Latin Lupe Lu", Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels / The Righteous Brothers
2. "I Just Called To Say I Love You", Stevie Wonder
3. "Leader of the Pack", The Shangri-Las
4. "Dead Man's Curve", Jan & Dean
5. "Tell Laura I Love Her", Ray Peterson
6. "One Step Beyond", Madness
7. "You Can't Always Get What You Want", The Rolling Stones
8. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", Gordon Lightfoot
9. "Many Rivers To Cross", Jimmy Cliff
10. "Angel", Aretha Franklin
11. "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me", Gladys Knight

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

no info on whether it's related to the lorax.

African Wildlife Foundation: African Wildlife The hyrax is so unlike other animals that it is placed in a separate order (Hyracoidea) by itself. It is said to be the elephant's nearest living relative. This is true to a certain extent, but misleading since the relationship stems from a remote ancestor common to hyraxes, sea cows (dugongs and manatees) and elephants. These three are unlike other mammals, but they share various if disproportionate physiological similarities in teeth, leg and foot bones, testes (that do not descend into a scrotum) and other more obscure details.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Every puppy has its day.

Ananova - Norwegian mother breastfed puppies Norwegian mother breastfed puppies

A Norwegian woman breastfed a litter of puppies after their mother died giving birth to them.

Kine Skiaker, who's 23 and has a three month old baby son, breastfed six of the ten puppies while the other four were given formula milk.

She fed the puppies over a weekend until other dogs could be found to feed them naturally.

The puppies are rare Canary dogs, a powerful type of mastiff, which are often bred as guard or even fighting dogs.

Norwegian daily Aftenposten says Ms Skiaker, of Akershus near Oslo, decided to breastfeed the puppies as she thought they would die without their mother.

"I was told not to breastfeed them, but I still did what I felt was right," she told the newspaper.

"Puppies should be fed every three hours but I fed them more often than that. Each time I heard a noise I gave them my breast."

She fed the puppies, as well as her son Emil, until she and her husband Ivar, with help from a local radio station, managed to find suitable dogs to feed the puppies.

The ten puppies are now divided between three dogs but the Skiakers still haven't decided whether to keep any once they've been weaned.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Really, there might be something wrong with lacking 1/4 of a chromosome.

still lazy:

Pitchfork: I'm Tryin' to Do Some Killin' Here: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City You see, this game doesn't judge you; it just suggests that certain activities are way more fun than others. And that's all that makes sense anymore. I'm sick of politicians explaining who's good and who's evil-- that we should fight Iraq because it's "evil", but leave North Korea alone, because they're "too evil". I'm sick of calling every damn guy with a gun a terrorist when this country was built on small groups of people brutalizing the natives. People all over the world get blown up randomly for no reason. Killing for fun and stupid personal reasons isn't just for serial killers: everybody's doing it. Life is cheap, and I just don't see anything that reflects that. Anything except this game. This is a very good game.

this is just lazy of me. but lookie:

Pitchfork: I'm Tryin' to Do Some Killin' Here: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I used to think Quake II was the shit, but it stuck you on a narrow path like a rat in a maze. Here, you can do whatever you want. There is a story to the game, a series of "missions" and animated movie sequences that spell out the plot and lead you around the city: like an action film, you play an anti-hero who's a nasty guy but who basically just kills other nasty guys. If you want, you can skip all that and even play pacifist, and just whiz around on a motorcycle or deliver pizza or whatever. You can sit on the beach all day and stare at the sun. It's all up to you.

But murder is more fun. You can carjack people-- remember when all the suburban folks were terrified of carjackers?-- and steal the cars, and run over pedestrians, and run from the police (if they even start chasing you); you can kill pedestrians just while you're walking around. The other night my buddies and I, working through a case of Mich Lite, kept trying to stay on course and get through some missions; but the guy who was playing wouldn't stay on track: he kept wandering off and killing people with a meat cleaver. "I'm tryin' to do some killin' here," he kept telling us. "Where'd that woman go?"

One guy I know-- and every guy I know owns and plays this game; I hear people talking about it on the sidewalks; there will be no escaping it-- used to play GTA3 with a bunch of ex-cons and drug dealers. Whenever they went on a rampage, killing people and getting more and more police attention until finally the choppers and paratroopers and FBI were after them, everyone in the room would scream and cheer and see how long the guy playing could get away. The game was not exactly accurate, but definitely cool enough not to seem lame to people with first-hand experience.


Pitchfork: I'm Tryin' to Do Some Killin' Here: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I'm Tryin' to Do Some Killin' Here
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I'm sitting up late listening to the mid-term election results, and so far, the Republicans are getting a "referendum" that the country digs what they're doing, that 'Tard-in-Chief Bush is on the right track, and that the party in charge can continue to do whatever the hell they want while the Pussycrats dither and wring their hands over, you know, not rushing into war with Iraq or turning the UN building into a parking garage or blowing up Alaska or whatever else Cheney and Rove want the President to do to us. In no time, they'll be ready to start World War III and send kids out to die, with no principal or moral guidance behind them, and television preachers like Falwell will continue to diss the Muslims and provoke race riots and in every other way act like they've never cracked open the New Testament.

for some reason, this word popped into my head. maybe another zine title. Playdate

very surprisingly, not porn. (side story: remember when Shaft, starring Samuel L. Jackson came out? the previews directed you to check out Shaft-themovie.com. heehee.)

a 'blog is like a zine, but without the crappy visits to Kinko's or serruptitious use of the office Canon.

Y'know how you can thank a Veteran today on Veterans' Day? Buy a zine.

Somewhere on this guy's page is a visitor counter. It says, I have 7863 crushes. I bet I've got at least 5, 6 if you include Cousin Brant (i don't.)

BRAINFAG COMICS On other fronts I still haven't inked a page of BF7 in ages. I sat at the desk the other night and.. continued to sit.. sat some more.. sometimes a drawing desk can be the most intimidating, inspiration-draining object. So I tried to write for Shrike. Same thing. Coffee didn't even help. Crap.

Fall is here and the rain is on the road which comes up and around my bike tire and shoots onto my ass. Work conveniently keeps me anchored during bikeshop vending hours so I haven't equipped myself with fenders yet. Therefore, I tote the wet ass. I hate getting wet. And cold. Like a cat, I wilt my whole face into a frown and brew in irritation.

October 29, 2002
Coming home from work at 4pm, I stop at at the Goodwill and find a wig pretty dern close to what I'm looking for to actualize my Harpo Marx costume. I continue home, make a sandwich and turn on the TV. My neighbor Sarah visits and talks excitedly aboug Digimon. After she leaves, I find myself frozen with ennui on the couch. I fall asleep from 5:30 to 8:00. Get up and make another sandwich, turn on the TV again. I'm mesmerized by decent writing on a ridiculous sitcom, which happens to star Nicole Sullivan, one of the very few artists-in-mass-media that triggers some sort of irrational fan response from me (along with Frank Black & David Lynch). I call a girlfriend from some 7 years ago I haven't talked to in 4 years. I call an old friend in Hawaii I haven't talked to in ages.

I call Abi, get her address, and 2 minutes into the conversation she tells me she wants to go so she can talk to her roommate Sara because she hasn't talked to her today, thereby confirming her place as the queen of unintentionally super-rude statements. Ugh. (& much like so often when we were dating, I can totally see myself saying this to her and her giving me this blank, innocent look--making me feel suddenly guilty for having found that rude.) Ugh!

Welcome to Tacompton, we got fun and games...

Guns 'N' Roses finally start North American tour - NME.COM
Axl - Vocal problems WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

Guns 'N' Roses finally opened their North American tour on Friday (November 8) in Tacoma, Washington State following an aborted start the night before in Vancouver which led to a fan riot quelled by baton-wielding police.

The band had been unable to make their show in Vancouver as bad weather prevented flights taking off from LA. In Tacoma, tour glitches continued, this time caused by technical problems.

MTV reports that the sound was so muddy causing frontman Axl Rose to strain so hard to be heard, that by the close his vocal cords were blown.

The show saw G'n'R, performing as an eight piece - vocals, three guitars, two keyboards, bass and drums - work through old standards and several new tracks from the continually delayed 'Chinese Democracy'. From vintage back catalogue, the band pulled 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Paradise City', 'Sweet Child O' Mine', 'November Rain', 'Live and Let Die' and 'Mr. Brownstone', while 'Madagascar' and 'Rhiad stood out from the clutch of new tracks.

Band guitarist Buckethead - distinctive in his white mask and KFC bucket hat - is also starting to build up a cult following, with pockets of fans throughout the venue aping his attire.

I like the bronze one with the heart. time to spend the christmas bonus... (and all for a good cause, natch).

Auction Gallery The breast casts will be auctioned online with proceeds benefiting The Breast Cancer Fund, and the Asha Kilgallen McGee fund. Pick up some one-of-a-kind art while supporting a great cause!

this morning's spam count:
1 viagra in the inbox,
6 messages in the junk mail folder
3 viagra, 1 debt (or possibly bail bonds, i didn't read it), 1 all-natural viagra, and 1 diploma or something.

and a message from Rudy from Rotten.com. sometimes I think that sending out email attachments are a desparate cry for help.

Friday, November 08, 2002

ok, this is genius. and true.

The Onion | America's Finest News Sourceā„¢
Former Couple To Remain Friends Until One Finds New Sex Partner

MCMINNVILLE, OR - Bryce Tornquist and Stephanie Herrick, whose three-year relationship ended in August, are remaining close friends until one of them finds a new sex partner. "We still have a lot in common, and it's really nice to have someone around who knows you so well," the 26-year-old Tornquist said Tuesday. "So, until one of us is having sex with somebody else, it really works out for both of us." Tornquist added that he really, really hopes to be the one to find a new sex partner first.

I'm not entirely certain I can tell you my mom's birthdate and age, but I can name the 13 confederate states in order of secession. Then again, noone's ever tied one end of a string around a rock and the other around my cock and asked me when my mom was born.

Kappa Alpha Order Our Mission: Kappa Alpha Order seeks to create a lifetime experience which centers on reverence to God, duty, honor, character and gentlemanly conduct as inspired by Robert E. Lee, our spiritual founder.

Huh, I used to be a fraternity man.

The Onion | Frat-Guy Boyfriend Not Like The Other Frat Guys Frat-Guy Boyfriend Not Like The Other Frat Guys
LAWRENCE, KS--According to University of Kansas sophomore Christine Errico, boyfriend and Sigma Epsilon member Troy Ausmus is "totally different" from the typical fraternity member.

Errico said Ausmus further defies the frat-guy stereotype by not fearing commitment.

"Most frat guys just want to get drunk and get laid," Errico said. "Troy told me that even though he used to chase after any drunken skank at a party, those days are long gone. He's looking for something a little deeper."

Also separating Ausmus from his fellow Greeks, Errico said, is the fact that he did not pressure her to have sex the night they met.

"Troy walked me home to make sure I was safe, because I was pretty trashed, but he didn't even try to get me into bed," Errico said. "That's when I knew he was different. He said later that he didn't try anything because I'd puked all over myself on the way home, but I know better."

Other Sigma Epsilon members agreed that Ausmus is a great guy who is clearly unlike the other frat guys.
"Troy's cool," fraternity brother Marcus Glynn said. "He's totally down for whatever: He can put away the vodka like nobody's business, and if there's chicks to mack on, he's there. Wait, did you say Troy Schultz or Troy Ausmus? Actually, I guess it doesn't matter. They're both kinda like that."

Sigma Epsilon president Todd Bohnert had similarly high praise for Ausmus. "Troy's a total player," Bohnert said. "These days, it's some chick named, I think, Christine. He's always talking about what a great lay she is and all the crazy shit she likes to do in bed. He's so smooth, it's sick. He knows exactly what they want to hear."

Your karate's crap LaRusso!

OrlandoSentinel.com: Gators GAINESVILLE -- To take the pulse of the Florida Gators, the thing to do recently has been to find junior guard Shannon Snell. His linemate and friend, Max Starks, recently suggested Snell has been consulting with TV psychic Miss Cleo.

All joking aside, Florida is following Snell's free-spirited, confident lead.

"This season has the making of a three-part movie, like The Karate Kid," Snell said this week. "It's going to be The Rise of Ron Zook, The Fall of Ron Zook and The Success of Ron Zook. He does good in one part, gets his butt whupped in one part and then comes out ahead in the end."

patience, yeah-eeeeeh-yeaaahhhh, patience...
Guns N' Roses fans riot after Axl fails to show for gig - NME.COM Thousands of GUNS N' ROSES fans rioted in VANCOUVER last night (November 7) after frontman AXL ROSE failed to turn up for the opening gig of the North American leg on their world tour.

According to eyewitness reports, barriers were hurled through box office windows at the GM Place and police were drafted in using pepper spray and clubs to disperse the crowd, who pelted them with rocks in return.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Your favorite Japanese, um, boy band, now available in a t-shirt. Its so easy, happy go lucky, t-shirt | Powered by CafePress.com

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Sometimes, I'm embarrassed by the industry i'm in.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - U.S. Headlines BIGGS, Calif. -- In a nation where Minute Maid spends $100 million to name a Houston ballpark, NASCAR hosts a Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 400 and people seeking $1 million willingly expose their inner flaws on TV's "Survivor," what's so wrong about becoming Got Milk? Calif.?

This site is TERR-ible. Just awful.

The Old-Time Celtic Greats wouldn't do a site this way. No fundamentals. Not like Kevin McHale, Bill Russell, Robert Parrish. These were big men who could design a website.

{ I Hate Bill Walton.com :: The Ultimate Anti-Walton Site On The Internet } Why do I hate Bill Walton? Simple. He ruins basketball games. I love watching basketball on TV, but when Bill is commentating he takes away from the game. The way I look at it he is stealing my free time, because when he speaks it's work to not turn off the game. I don't think I should have to listen to AM radio while watching the game on mute due to this jackass. In my opinion I shouldn't notice the commentating, it's all about the game. His idiotic comments, team favoritism, and obnoxiousness hit an all time high during the latest Kings vs. Lakers series, and I've decided it's time to vent some of my frustration with something creative... this site. Worst of all Walton wouldn't even sign my shirt (pictured above) at game 7 of the aforementioned series. The nerve!

Hey, look! They're marketing to high school kids that want to get laid.

That's integrated communications, holmes.

Monday, November 04, 2002

so, my boss walks in my office and wants to know if i know what 'punting' is.

i think i now have job security.

SIR Video Productions - Bend Over Boyfriend II "The Nightline of how-to-fuck-your-boyfriend-up-the-ass-videos." Dan Savage in Savage Love.

SIR Video Productions - Bend Over Boyfriend "...seducing a possibly reluctant but potentially interested butthole," Carol Queen.

Friday, November 01, 2002

*funusual* is the word of the day.

Fantasy Cabins by Simmodd (Grayland, WA) Fantasy Cabins by Simmodd offers you the perfect getaway on the Washington Coast. Experience the fantasy of our Shipwreck at Taboo Lagoon cabin or bring out the child in you at our Goldilocks and 300 Bears Cabin. No matter what cabin you choose, we're sure you'll agree that this is the most funusual place you'll ever stay!

i can't say that this site was particularly geeky or funny.

or to quote Somerset Maughum, the parts that were geeky weren't funny, and the parts that were funny, well, there weren't any.

Googlism : Googlism for: miguel caballero
miguel caballero is still not up to par after suffering an ankle injury recently