Friday, October 28, 2005

Questions & Answers: Heebie-jeebies

Ah, the unrelenting joys of being ready for client questions and concerns. Such as "Isn't Heebie-Jeebies a derogatory term?"

In a bunch of words, no.

If you want derogatory, quote Trent Lott about the next nominee for Supreme Court Justice: Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., a former Senate majority leader, said Bush should ‘‘nominate a strict constructionist – man, woman or minority,”

Questions & Answers: Heebie-jeebies: "[Q] From A Jaye Costine: “Would you know the origin of heebie-jeebies, for a state of nervous depression or anxiety?”

[A] It seems pretty certain that it was invented about 1923 by the American cartoonist Billy De Beck. Its first appearance was in one of his Barney Google cartoons in the New York American on 26 October 1923, though there it was spelled heeby-jeeby. Where it came from, apart from his fevered imagination, is open to question. There was a dance at about the same time, and a song in 1926, both said to have originated from Native American witch-doctor chants before human sacrifices. But the dance and the song both seem to be later than the first appearance of the phrase. Mr De Beck, by the way, is also known for other bits of now obsolescent or obsolete slang, such as hotsy-totsy and horsefeathers. But heebie-jeebies has survived to become part of the standard language."

You are not alone in blogging your way through a dreary meaningless day

The new Psychiatrist has me on new medication on the theory that my big lows are a result of big highs. Sometimes true. A theory certainly worth considering.

This also means that the firing on all cylinders is not the real me. The trying new things and being passionate and taking risks part of me is not the real me and never will be. This is a difficult thing to deal with.

So the best I'm going to get is the current me, slightly happier, slightly more productive with perhaps a couple more hobbies? That isn't exactly a great motivational tool.

The new psychologist wants me to start trying lots of new things and being more passionate and open and taking risks.

The new Psychiatrist has warned me that alcohol acts on and depresses the mental system (really? i'm paying her how much for this?) and doesn't want me to drink, especially in new social situations.

She also won't re-up my sleeping meds and all of the stuff that my therapist is asking me to think about is keeping me up at night and making my head spin, which isn't helping my sleep, which isn't helping my mood.

At least I'm not missing the Halloween party in Quinalt. Aw, fuck. - Bipolar: "Start by Knowing
You are not alone

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is more common than you might think. More than 2 million American adults have bipolar disorder. It affects both men and women. The symptoms of bipolar disorder usually begin in late adolescence or early adulthood, but they sometimes begin in childhood.
You are not to blame

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder. No one knows exactly what causes it. Doctors and scientists believe that bipolar disorder may happen as a result of structural and chemical changes in the brain. They think that these changes may be caused by a combination of biological, genetic, and environmental factors. Nothing you have done has caused it, but you should be aware that there are treatments that can help you feel better.
Bipolar disorder can be treated

Bipolar disorder is a serious, chronic illness requiring long-term treatment just like diabetes or high blood pressure. Recognizing the symptoms of bipolar disorder and getting the right treatment as early as possible are very important. If bipolar disorder is not treated, it may get worse. DEPAKOTE may be able to help treat the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

DEPAKOTE is indicated for the treatment of the manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bombing at Israeli Food Stand Kills Five - Yahoo! News

Much blogging to come in the near days and weeks ahead.

Heard this story on the way back from my The Rapist session (Sean Connery Jeopardy reference). And my immediate reaction was: Falafel sounds good. My second reaction: I don't know any falafel places around here. 3rd reaction: God, I'm a shit.

And for some reason, the part about this guy being a blacksmith is very, very odd in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

Bombing at Israeli Food Stand Kills Five - Yahoo! News: "HADERA, Israel - A 20-year-old Palestinian blacksmith blew himself up at a falafel stand in an open-air market Wednesday, killing five Israelis and wounding more than 30 in the deadliest attack in the country in more than three months."

Thursday, October 20, 2005 - independent UK music magazine and directory - BUY MUSIC - GOAL Soundtrack Happy Mondays Playground Superstar

Shaun Ryder and the recently rejuvenated Happy Mondays keep the red side of Manchester happy with a brand new track, ‘Playground Superstar’. It is a welcome return for the band who have not released any new material since 1992’s ‘Yes Please’.

:: Happy Mondays - Playground Superstar - WATCH THE VIDEO ::

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Found Footage Festival

Funny stuff. Click on 'Preview'.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

.: v6.0

Fellow disorienter Amy/Airattic read my blog before hanging out last Thursday, and said that I seem to get a little obsessed when I like an artist. In a word, yes.

New Neko Case album next year. Hot damn.

.: v6.0: "Circle March 7, 2006 on your release calendar as that's the day that Neko Case's new studio album, her first since 2002's Blacklisted, hits stores. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood features many of the same guest artists as that record, including Calexico's Joey Burns and John Convertino, Giant Sand's Howe Gelb and The Sadies. New collaborators include The Band's Garth Hudson and Visqueen's Rachel Flotard. Prefix has the official press release."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

celebrity sighting

celebrity sighting
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Last night at the Firehouse Café. Dan and I were working late, and who

should be there? Ollie Stone. He was with his kids and a German couple. They

seemed to be talking about currency fluctuations.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Thunder, Lightning, Strike : The Go! Team : Review

Four stars in Rolling Stone. Go buy it now. Thunder, Lightning, Strike : The Go! Team : Review: "Jump-ropers of the world, unite and take over. The Go! Team create the long-awaited fusion of Sonic Youth and the Spice Girls, a six-person cartoon-crazy funky bunch from the English town of Brighton. On their debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, they blend guitar rock, bubblegum funk, Charlie Brown piano, harmonica, horns, loads of samples and Sugar Hill-style femme rapping from MC Ninja. As you might surmise from their Speed Racer name, the Go! Team thrive on 1970s kiddie sunshine vibes, from the manic playground chant 'Huddle Formation' to the S.W.A.T.-tastic horn blasts of 'Junior Kickstart' to the moody somebody-come-and-play instrumental 'Get It Together.' And it's just thirty-five minutes long, which means you can listen while watching Scooby-Doo on mute. Thunder, Lightning, Strike was hailed as a pop masterpiece when it came out in the U.K. late last year, but clearing all the samples held up its U.S. release until now. Wait no longer.

(Posted Oct 20, 2005)"

Monday, October 10, 2005

stats, revisited

Location: Venice, Cali.
Work prospects: Low to Medium
Drinks: 2 Sierra Nevadas, today. Way too much, past week.
Drugs: none this week.

Back: Worst in 6 months.
Effort: Good.
Engagement: 5.
Loneliness: Over it.
Newness: 5

Percentage of self that believes that next year at this time I will be happy: 40%. New therapist, new psychiatrist.
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': Hungover.
The only even prime number of Saturdays that I've been able to watch college football all day long. 2.

Today's extras (randomly chosen).
NTIDFSE - Not really anything.
Items knocked off to-do list - Not really.

Happy Columbus Day!

Antique Soda And Beer Bottles - History: "When Columbus first arrived in the New World, the American Indians that he met served him a corn-based beer. The Aztecs, Incas and Mayans had been brewing such beers for hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans.

Beer was considered a health drink for most of its history and was an good source of nourishment. "

Big Brothers Shoot

Big Brothers Shoot
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Shot a commercial for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles this weekend.

As soon as we edit, I'll post a Quicktime movie.

Trust me, it's not a cheesy 'Be an angel' spot.

Much love to Boxer Films for donating 2 days of shooting.

Big Brothers Shoot

Big Brothers Shoot
Originally uploaded by ideateller.

Shot a commercial for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles this weekend.

As soon as we edit, I'll post a Quicktime movie.

Trust me, it's not a cheesy 'Be an angel' spot.

Much love to Boxer Films for donating 2 days of shooting.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

CollegeHumor Movie: CH friend Aziz Ansari is forced to carry around a boombox playing the world's shittiest mixtape.


CollegeHumor Movie: CH friend Aziz Ansari is forced to carry around a boombox playing the world's shittiest mixtape.: "CH friend Aziz Ansari is forced to carry around a boombox playing the world's shittiest mixtape."