Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Happy St. Jordi's Day

Happy St. Jordi's Day

With the move and all, no party to celebrate, but that doesn't mean that *you* can't buy your sweetheart a book or a flower. Imagine all the bonus points you'll get. (It may even lead to oral sex).

Good luck.

Friday, April 15, 2005

My new office building

My new office building

This is the old Chiat Day building in Venice, CA.

It's now home to the ad agency DDB.

Which will be serving as *my* new home, effective next Monday.

I'll be working on Wells Fargo, Ameriquest, GameFly, FullTilt Poker, NewBiz & drum roll of irony......... Partnership for a Drug Free America.

I'm psyched. Kudos to Feh & Pat for doing the best ads of the SuperBowl & getting hired away to Goodby, leaving me the opportunity.


Wendy emailed me this blog/article with the note: "I could see you doing this."

I'll I'm sayin' is that the NYPD be much mellower than the SFPD who be throwin' yo ass in jail for be-havior like this.

...TOO MUCH INFORMATION...: COLLECTION: Mr Sparklepants: "COLLECTION: Mr Sparklepants
I like to think everything I do alters the ecosystem now...."

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sea Lion likely a Republican

With the way the sea lions are depleting the salmon population, this enterprising sea lion's actually more like a sea elephant (get it?).

Watch video on Windows Media here.

Story here, or news.google.com.

KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon: "Daring sea lion makes a run up a fish ladder


Watch this story in Windows Media.


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BONNEVILLE DAM, Ore. - A sea lion among the many snacking on migratory fish at the base of Bonneville Dam has taken his act to a new dimension.
He has learned to climb the fish ladder, munching a steelhead or two as he goes and putting on quite a show for the visitors and workers who count upstream fish migration from behind a large window.
But fishery managers don't think he's cute.
'It's like Sea Lion Caves without the caves, and without the Oregon coast,' said Curt Melcher, a biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. "

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


This has nothing to do with tomorrow, but I've got big news I'm about to post.

Hah, teasers! Adgooglesense is going to make me millions.

Bianca Jagger: A Who2 Profile: "Name at birth: Bianca Perez Morena De Macias
Jagger was the first wife of Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger.She was a prominent jet-set celebrity in the 1970s, particularly known as a chum of Andy Warhol and frequent patron of the Manhattan nightclub Studio 54. In the 1990s she emerged as a social activist, campaigning for the environment and speaking for the human rights group Amnesty International.

Extra credit: Bianca's only child with Mick, daughter Jade, is a model... Bianca Jagger once dated Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau. "