Monday, July 31, 2006

Diet Coke/Mentos Rocket

I think I have a new summer hobby.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jim Carrey @ MTV Movie Awards 1999

One of the funnier appearances ever on an MTV awards show.

The Fragile Army

Um, does this have anything to do with the album being delayed until 2007?

Thanks to Valler who bought me tickets to The Spree show on September 10The Fragile Army: "nspiration from Tibor Kalman

?€œIn my lifetime I have witnessed the creation of the greatest accumulation of
wealth in history. More than we need to feed the hungry, house the homeless, cure
the sick throughout the world. In pursuit of this wealth we have already endangered
most of our environment. Consumption is a treatable disease. Consumer culture is an
oxymoron. Wealth is poverty. Religion works better for corporations than for people.
Most media, architecture, design and art exist for the sole purpose of creating

Your children will smash your understanding, knowledge and reality. You will be
better off. Then they will leave. You will miss them forever. But I?€™m not
pessimistic. Future generations not burdened by the egotism of having created wealth
will be able to create a righteous society, l ive in harmony with nature and
germinate culture from the few grains not yet destroyed.

Rules are good. Break them. Good designers (and writers and artists) make trouble.
Eventually you?€™ll forget all this but there will be plenty of new ideas to choose
from. And I believe that they?€™ll be better.

Everything is an experiment.

The perfect state of creative bliss is having power (you are 50) and knowing nothing
(you are 9). This assures an interesting and successful outcome. As soon as you
learn move on. You?€™ll see it better if you look upside down. Success = boredom.
Mistakes, misunderstandings, and mis-comprehensions provide fresh ideas.

New ideas exist in high art (often called art) and low art (sometimes called
vernacular). I have never found much in between. Good clients are smarter than you.
Bad clients are dumber than you. Graphic design is a means, not an end. A language,
not content. I am ever in search of the simple elegant seductive maybe ev en obvious
IDEA. With this in my pocket I cannot fail. This must be true because I am writing
it in the middle of the night.?€?

thought for the, julie"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lance Bass of `N Sync reveals he's gay - Yahoo! News

Here's a new celebrity watch game idea I've just come up with.

You know the Dead Pool, where you predict which celebrities will die in the coming year? Let's do a Gay Pool.

Lance Bass of `N Sync reveals he's gay - Yahoo! News: "NEW YORK -
Lance Bass, band member of 'N Sync, says he's gay and in a 'very stable' relationship with a reality show star. Bass, who formed 'N Sync with
Justin Timberlake,
JC Chasez,
Joey Fatone and
Chris Kirkpatrick, tells People magazine that he didn't earlier disclose his sexuality because he didn't want to affect the group's popularity.

'I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything,' he tells the magazine.

'N Sync is known for a string of hits including 'Bye Bye Bye' and 'It's Gonna Be Me.' The band went on hiatus in 2002. Bass has also found headlines for undertaking astronaut training and failing to raise money for a trip into space.

Bass says he wondered if his coming out could prompt 'the end of 'N Sync.' He explains, 'So I had that weight on me of like, `Wow, if I ever let anyone know, it's bad.' So I just never did.'

The singer says he's in a 'very stable' relationship with 32-year-old actor Reichen Lehmkuhl, winner of season four of CBS' 'Amazing Race.'"

From WSOP FInal Table to Beer Pong |

Stat: amount of money I just won playing online poker on my bday:


would've made more, but got sucked out on 9-7-4 with 9-a vs. 9-5


happy birthday to me tho. going to try to get a couple hours sleep.

From WSOP FInal Table to Beer Pong |

KC's Dog Postcards

Not sure how many of you know this, but in addition to surprise affinities towards Rasslin', the occasional Backstreet Boys song, and chain restaurants, I really like Shih-Tzus.

Grew up with them.

Not saying that I don't want a big dog in addition to the small dog (Shih-Tzu + Border Collie = a lifetime of fun[divided by 7])

KC's Dog Postcards: "General Tso says happy birthday!
and I do, as well.
, *iheartbigdogs "

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

cancelled postponed - Google Search

a company event that was going to interrupt my birthday week celebrations tomorrow, thursday, and post-emoto friday has been cancelled postponed.

meaning, let the drinking begin. and drug taking, if we can find any.

cancelled postponed - Google Search: "U2 cancelled/postponed - AlohaGroove - tribe.netU2 cancelled/postponed. topic posted Thu, March 9, 2006 - 7:17 AM by GoodTimesAro. ... Vertigo '06: Final Dates Postponed. It is with great regret that tour ..."

The Puddle :: View topic - happy birthday magelelelelelellllan!

It's nice to feel loved, especially with someone with whom you've exchanged unwavering friendship.

The Puddle :: View topic - happy birthday magelelelelelellllan!: "my favorite goldpantsed joyfiend unwavering and unflappable magellan! go streaking down the streets of venice and sound your barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world today, my friend....wish i could spend the day with you...instead i send you my love through bits and bytes."

Random clothing in Venice, series 7

Random clothing in Venice, series 7
Originally uploaded by ideateller.

Lone glove on sidewalk.

Part of the author¹s continuing series of photographs based on items found

on his 483 step commute to work in Venice, CA. - Day of Birth Index

zoinks. - Day of Birth Index: "26 July Births

* Shaw, George Bernard (1856)
* Jung, Carl (1875)
* Kubrick, Stanley (1928)
* Jagger, Mick (1943)
* Visitor, Nana (1957)
* Spacy, Kevin (1959)
* Bullock, Sandra (1964)
* Beckinsale, Kate (1973)"

You say it's your birthday, Piven?

Huh. Me, Piven and Jagger. Should be a doozy.

Huh. I was born in Evanston.

Jeremy Piven: "Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven
Add/change photo

Date of birth (location)
26 July 1965
New York, New York, USA
Mini biography
Born in Manhattan and raised in Evanston, Illinois, he is an alumnus of... (show more)"

Best Week Ever ? Blog Archive ? Understanding A Piven Party

Feeling kinda empty about my birthday mañana. Why am I celebrating another chance to let another year slip by.

At least Jeremy Piven knows how I feel.

Best Week Ever ? Blog Archive ? Understanding A Piven Party: "Understanding A Piven Party

pivenhat.jpgWhen aging bachelor Jeremy Piven has a birthday party, his boys pull out all the stops - possibly because they’re not sure how many he’s going to have left. Party favors, birthday cake, music, dancing and, of course, wild young girls are all staples at any classic Piven party. But while the resulting photographic documentation might leave the untrained viewer confused about what in the hell actually happens at these little soirees, your friends here at BWE have used our insider knowledge to provide you with narrative captions explaining the progression of events at this particular Piven party. Join the party after the jump.

(Image removed at request of source. Basically, a very shirtless Pivs is staring at his birthday cake, looking all bummed out.)

The birthday boy, no longer content blowing lines off the coffee table with his buddies, sullenly contemplates his own mortality. How did 41 years of age sneak up on him so fast? And what has he spent all this time doing? Still a confirmed bachelor, his greatest life accomplishment thus far is playing a sociopathic Hollywood soul-sucker on a cable TV show. Man, this sucks…"

LAist: Miss Indonesia Could Face Jail for her Bikini

Non-plussed about the story (radical Islam seeks to punish woman is rapidly approaching 'dog bites man' status.)

But I do love the phrase "Shake what Allah gave ya".

LAist: Miss Indonesia Could Face Jail for her Bikini: "Miss Indonesia Could Face Jail for her Bikini


As if it wasn't bad enough that she wasn't crowned Miss Universe, now a radical Muslim group is trying to send Miss Indonesia to the pokey for showing off what Allah "


I (heart) college football.


QB: Jim Bob Cooter (Tennessee) - the gold standard for student-athletes
RB: Richie Rich (North Carolina)
RB: Jimmy Johns (Alabama)
WR: De'Cody Fagg (Florida State)
WR: Darius Passmore (Marshall)
TE: Kyle Sackrider (Michigan State) - that's just unfortunate...
OL: Shelley Smith (Colorado State) - Don't say it - asshole...
OL: Joe Girardi (Miami) - Marlins manager doubling as UM lineman???
OL: Joseph Joseph (Louisiana-Monroe) - not a lot of creativity in this one...
OL: Hercules Satele (Hawaii)
OL: Jason Alexander (San Diego State)


DL: Colin Ferrell (Kent State)
DL: Avery Hannibal (Mississippi State) - gotta have this facemask...
DL: David Escobar (Ohio) - is this the guy that drugged up Frank Solich?
DL: LeQuantum McDonald (Baylor)
LB: Ian Handshy (Kansas)
LB: John Mark Patrick (Troy)
LB: Billy Ray (West Virginia) - must be very confusing...
DB: Christian Okoye (Tulane) - Nigerian Nigthmare, Part II???
DB: Sir Darean Adams (Michigan State)
DB: Knowledge Timmons (Penn State)
DB: Ray Ray McElrathbey (Clemson) - a sentimental selection...

P/K: Keith Toogood (Texas Tech) - this guy better have balls of steel...


TE Vincent Chase (SMU) - must be the center of every party
WR Maserati Jemison (Arizona State)
QB John Van Dam (Michigan State) - must.. know.. middle.. name..
DL Untavious Scott (Troy)" The 700 Hoboes project

Hoboes. Illustrated. "About the 700 hoboes project.

In the beginning, there were hoboes. Then, a notable non-historian wrote some lies about them in his wonderful and wholly inaccurate almanac. That man was John Hodgman. The book was The Areas of My Expertise. Amongst the lies was a comprehensive list of notable historical hobo names, numbering 700. After Hodgman read the list into a music flattening device, one Mr. Mark Frauenfelder of the Boing Boing teletyped a suggestion that 700 cartoonists volunteer to draw one hobo each as a public service or for no particular reason. And so it was, more or less, and here they are.

About this website.

In March of 2006, 65 years after the end of the Hobo Wars, several members of the 700 Hoboes project decided to build a new, majestic home for these noble hoboes. Len Peralta quickly came up with a wonderful design for the site. He passed the design on to Dan Coulter who built a back end system using phpFlickr, his open source wrapper for Flickr's API. Also, Adam Koford, Mike Peterson, Ben Rollman, and Eric Vespoor all contributed greatly to the making of this website. Special thanks to John Hodgman for giving us his blessing on this interpretation of his brilliant creation.

Contributing to the Project.

Contributing to the 700 Hoboes project is easy enough. First, you'll need to sign up on the Flickr inter-web site. Then, join the project's Flickr group, upload your artistic interpretation of a hobo from the master list and send it to the group. Be sure to include the hobo's name in the title on Flickr so that it can get automatically added to this site. That's all there is to it. What's keeping you?

At last count, the project had 174 members and 426 illustrations."

AoME :: 700 Hobo Names

Jonathan Ridgman, he of Daily Show and Mac ads fame, has composed a list of 700 hobo names, and then helpfully set that list to music.

It's kinda like Garrison Keilor, except funny and not cloying and repetitive.

AoME :: 700 Hobo Names

again! again!: again! again!

again! again!: again! again!: "again! again!

Location: Venice
Drinks: 4 Coronas
Drugs: a week or two
Sleeping pills: minor use of non-narcotics
Back: Not bad. Held up to softball headfirst diving slide. That's good shit.
Effort: Blegh.
Engagement: Double blegh. Did post a new mix today. But in a half-assed way.
Loneliness: Fuck it.
Newness: Triple Blegh.
Percentage of self that believes that next year at this time I will be happy: discontinued.
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': Would like to be 23 going on 24 again.
The only even prime number of days until I'm 34: 2.
Poker winnings tonight: currently $30. should be more, but I hit some screwy heads-up cards.
Proposed money donated by parents towards new tv as birthday/xmas gift: $699.
Amount of money i'm prepared to spend over that: $350

Monday, July 24, 2006

Welcome to Disorient!

Help out Disorient, New Yorkers!

Great fucking party you should go to.

Welcome to Disorient!: "Welcome to Disorient!

- Compressor tickets: $15 presale - $20 at the door
- Burning Man 2006: Register to camp with Disori6nt!

Disorient is an art collective. We create art projects and art installations with hardware including wood, scaffolding, LEDs, geodesic domes, inflatable structures, video, repurposed objects and vehicles. We develop software for our installations (DMX sequencing, MAX, Java...).

Disorient is a camp at Burning Man. In 2006, public and private areas of Disorient will be separate. The Disorient Express will be mobile, public and festive while the camp as described in the Urban Plan will be more private and soothing."

Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD!

Put up a random collection of music for your enjoyment on the music section of againagain. Do tell what you like.

Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD!: "summer hodgepodge - unofficial mixtape
It's my birthday, and I'll put together an incoherent mix cd of random themeless songs if I want to.

Note: No track order on this one. It's random and chaotic. There is no wrong here.

Operative quote: We want to be free! We want to be free to do what we want to do! And we wanna get loadeed and we wanna have a good time. We're going to have a good time. We're going to have a party.

The Sun Does Rise - Jah Wobble f. Dolores O'Riordan/
Eanie Meany - Jim Noir
That Teenage Feeling - Neko Case
The Sun Comes In Circles
Hush Boy (Les Visiteurs Remix) - Basement Jaxx
Ghostland gets Bossy - Car Stereo (Wars)
Made Up Love Song #43 - Guillemots
So Far We Are - French Kicks
We are Your Friends (remix) - Justice vs. Simian
Let's Dance - The Futureheads
Modern Girl - Camera Obscura
Spoon Me - Ohm
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn And John
He Knows The Sun - Legends
Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone - Islands
Gone (live) - Kanye West
Dream - Bardi
Strings - Asobi Seksu
Something Good - Legends
Hey Hey La La - The Vells
Loaded - Primal Scream "

WSOP Updates - Spending 'Off Time' in the Mansion | Poker News

Flipping through the cable channels ran across this show with Jen Leo. Weird to see a friend on the tv. I'd always had my money on Cops.

Jen looked great and came across well. Or maybe it was a bad mix of too much Corona and not enough sleep.

WSOP Updates - Spending 'Off Time' in the Mansion | Poker News: "The Poker Dome online experience continues Mansion Poker with three more tapings of the regular show this weekend. Many of us in the media will be attending the Sunday taping as one of our own, Jen Leo, will be playing against five other online qualifiers for $25,000 and a seat in the $1,000,000 Poker Dome Final. Good Luck, Jen." TELEVISION REVIEWS - Playing games with time, space

I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do: I'm going to give this a shot tonight.

(Puts hands on hips)
But only,

(Puts on sunglasses)
Because CSI: Miami is a rerun.

(Cue: "Don't get fooled again.") TELEVISION REVIEWS - Playing games with time, space: "'Life on Mars,' premiering Monday on BBC America, is such a series; it takes its name from a song by that most science-fictional pop star, David Bowie, and it is dark fun, a clever twist on the familiar story of going back in time to reclaim the present. Created by writers associated with the flashy con-man comedy 'Hustle' (playing here on AMC), it concerns a Manchester police detective, Sam Tyler (John Simm), who is hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up — or does he? — in 1973, in a pair of flared trousers and a shirt with a collar wide enough to launch jets from.

It is not, strictly speaking, sci-fi, since everything logically points to Tyler actually being in a coma in 2006, cocooned in 'deep REM sleep from which he cannot wake,' or so he hears in one of the fragments of present-day reality that burst like feedback into his 1973 head. And there is his otherwise unaccountable foreknowledge. (You could have worked out back then that there'd be mobile phones and personal computers coming, but who could have predicted Gary Numan's song 'Cars'?)

But the series uses the usual fish-out-of-water conventions of time travel — the humorous contrasts between then and now (the bad wallpaper, the dial telephones, the sideburns), the attempts to get home — and the writers do their best to keep Tyler's state an open question, at least in his mind. The characters in his 1973 world consider themselves real, and so do we, even as we know he might be making them up. What makes such ambiguity easy to accept, of course, is that none of it's real — it's a TV show, it's all made up.

On one level, 'Life on Mars' can be seen as a witty response to the modern police procedural, with its emphasis on cutting-edge forensic science and impossibly good-looking rainbow casts. Here the detectives are all rumpled white men with bad facial hair and bad teeth, working in a dark, messy, smoky room lorded over by genially thuggish DCI Hunt (the mighty Philip Glenister), for whom 'evidence' means whatever he can plant on a suspect and the phrase 'excessive force' an oxymoron. (Though all in the service of good.) Tyler, who comes from more enlightened times, literally bumps heads with him."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Biography for Kaitlin Olson

The girl from Always Sunny in Philadelphia is from Portland. Huh.

Biography for Kaitlin Olson: "Born in Portland Oregon, Kaitling discovered her passion for acting at the University of Oregon, where she studied theater."

The Fragile Army


That's the same night as the Neko Case, Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson show.


Shit. On. A. Stick.

Will I cancel on the alt-country? All signs point to yes.

The Fragile Army: "Thursday, July 20, 2006
2 news shows just for both go on sale Saturday July 22nd at 10am...give us your ears for an evening

The Polyphonis Spree
Sunday September 10, 2006
Henry Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
w/ Philip E Karnats

The Polyphonic Spree
Thursday September 14, 2006
Emo's (Outside)
603 Red River
Austin TX 78701
w/ Pilotdrift & Philip E Karnats

posted by The Fragile Army at "

Lazy Blogger Onion Thursday

Probably blogged this back around its original publishing date in 2005.

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory | The Onion - America's Finest News Source: "Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

August 17, 2005 | Issue 41•33

KANSAS CITY, KS—As the debate over the teaching of evolution in public schools continues, a new controversy over the science curriculum arose Monday in this embattled Midwestern state. Scientists from the Evangelical Center For Faith-Based Reasoning are now asserting that the long-held 'theory of gravity' is flawed, and they have responded to it with a new theory of Intelligent Falling.

Enlarge ImageEvangelical

Rev. Gabriel Burdett explains Intelligent Falling.

'Things fall not because they are acted upon by some gravitational force, but because a higher intelligence, 'God' if you will, is pushing them down,' said Gabriel Burdett, who holds degrees in education, applied Scripture, and physics from Oral Roberts University.

Burdett added: 'Gravity—which is taught to our children as a law—is founded on great gaps in understanding. The laws predict the mutual force between all bodies of mass, but they cannot explain that force. Isaac Newton himself said, 'I suspect that my theories may all depend upon a force for which philosophers have searched all of nature in vain.' Of course, he is alluding to a higher power.'"

Who blogs? And why? By Jack Shafer

Over 30. Sorta use a pseudonym. Creative self-expression and document personal experience? Check and check. Pretty much 100% people I know. Couldn't care less about changing people's minds. Have sorta been published.

NOTE: stats are slightly different for the music blog.

Who blogs? And why? By Jack Shafer: "Who Are All These Bloggers?
And what do they want?
By Jack Shafer
Updated Wednesday, July 19, 2006, at 6:19 PM ET

When I hear the word 'bloggers,' I tend to think of the A-listers. But the top 100 are not the quarry of the Pew Internet & American Life Project telephone survey of bloggers, published today. They're stalking the larger universe of 12 million adult Americans who blog.

Who are all those bloggers? Why do they blog?

The Pew report, written briskly and ably by Amanda Lenhart and Susannah Fox, delivers an array of provocative findings about bloggers. The most immediately startling for me was the repetition of the phrases 'about half ' or 'nearly half' to describe various blogger attributes. About half of all American bloggers are men, says Pew. About half are under the age of 30. About half use a pseudonym. About half say creative self-expression or documenting personal experiences is a major reason for blogging. About half think their audience is folks they already know. Half say changing people's minds is not a major reason behind their blog, and about half had never published before starting their blog. (The margin of error for the telephone survey was plus or minus 7 percentage points.)"

Rate the Guys

My friend Meredith makes these cute little figurines out of some weird foam material that I don't pretend to understand.

She needs your help rating them. At least follow the link and take a look. Very cool shit.

Rate the Guys: "Rate the Guys
Hi Friends!

I need your help getting a feel for what kind of guys you prefer. There are 30 guys to rate on a scale of 1-10. Please think of 5 as the average amount you like guys. If you like the guy you are rating a little less than usual, rate below 5, a little better than usual, rate above 5. Get it?


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm in deep uncharted psychological netherworlds right now. I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Woke up in a pool of sweat, showered and stumbled into work.

Now, my lack of motivation and general sense of apathy and the hopelessness of engagement and effort has led me to just aimlessly wandering around celebrity websites like Which I totally think might possibly be part of a functional sort of apathyism in the same way I think having a nice chardonnay can be brought into the fold, alcoholism-wise.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Bored shitless. And I found a blurb about TV's Pat O'Brien leaving creepy messages about having a threesome on some woman's answering machine. Oh, and he names the woman as Betsy.

And Betsy has a blog.

And I went there, and in my sleep-deprived, serotonin-low, general malaise, almost find myself weeping at how joyous and fulfilling Betsy's life looks.


The sadness of which can only really be realized after looking at Betsy's blog.

Bizarre unrelated side note: Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word 'blog'.

Eddie Murphy To Marry Spice Girl One Month After Meeting Her - Starpulse News Blog

Spice World: Golden Child 2 set to begin filming in 2 months.

Eddie Murphy To Marry Spice Girl One Month After Meeting Her - Starpulse News Blog: "Eddie Murphy To Marry Spice Girl One Month After Meeting Her

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy and former Spice Girl Mel B are reportedly set to wed in September. The couple - who met at a party in Beverly Hills last month - have reportedly booked the plush Roosevelt Hotel, in Los Angeles, for their 'dream wedding'. Mel, 31, and Murphy - who is 14 years her senior - are reportedly planning to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony attended by just close family and friends.

However, the pair have drawn up a star-studded guest list, which includes Whitney Houston and British actor Max Beesley, for their wedding party. A source told Daily Star newspaper: 'Mel just wants her and Eddie's close family to be there for the simple blessing. But they will be inviting their friends to a lavish wedding breakfast reception at the venue afterwards.'

Both Mel and the Shrek star have been married before. Murphy divorced his wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy - who he has five children with - in May after 12 years of marriage. Mel - better known as Scary Spice during her time in the Spice Girls - married dancer Jimmy Gulzar in 1998 but the couple got divorced three years later. They have a seven-year-old daughter Phoenix-Chi."

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Music Video From David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff - "Jump In My Car" - Google Video

Must be seen to be believed.

New Music Video From David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff - "Jump In My Car" - Google Video: " Email - Blog - Post to MySpace
Send link - Embed HTML
Post to: MySpace - Blogger
LiveJournal - TypePad
Separate emails with ,
Send copy to myself

Copy and paste the HTML below to embed this video onto a web page.

That's right, it's Hofficial... your favourite cult icon wants to take you home! The one and only David Hasselhoff of 'Bay Watch' and ... all ? 'Knight Rider' fame returns with a cover of the 1975 classic 'Jump In My Car' and its a doozy. Recorded in Sydney last year with the legendary Harry Vanda (AC/DC, The Angels), the Ted Mulry Gang tune has been re-vamped with full Hoff gusto and this music video promises to rock the socks off all his Hofficial fans. Watch it, enjoy it, share it on Google Video, courtesy of Sony BMG Australia. "

Florrie Fisher's acid story

Zoinks! Do not invite this lady to camp with you at Burning Man.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cubs managerial tirade from 83

: "The Complete April 29, 1983

Lee Elia Press Conference Tirade

Click here to download the recording.

'Fuck those fuckin' fans who come out here and say they're Cub fans that are supposed to be behind you rippin' every fuckin' thing you do. I'll tell you one fuckin' thing, I hope we get fuckin' hotter than shit, just to stuff it up them 3,000 fuckin' people that show up every fuckin' day, because if they're the real Chicago fuckin' fans, they can kiss my fuckin' ass right downtown and PRINT IT.

'They're really, really behind you around here... my fuckin' ass. What the fuck am I supposed to do, go out there and let my fuckin' players get destroyed every day and be quiet about it? For the fuckin' nickel-dime people who turn up? The motherfuckers don't even work. That's why they're out at the fuckin' game. They oughta go out and get a fuckin' job and find out what it's like to go out and earn a fuckin' living. Eighty-five percent of the fuckin' world is working. The other fifteen percent come out here. A fuckin' playground for the cocksuckers. Rip them motherfuckers. Rip them fuckin' cocksuckers like the fuckin' players. we got guys bustin' their fuckin' ass, and them fuckin' people boo. And that's the Cubs? My players get around here. I haven't seen it this fuckin' year. Everybody associated with this organization have been winners their whole fuckin' life. Everybody. And the credit is not given in that respect.

'Alright, they don't show because we're 5 and 14... and unfortunately, that's the criteria of them dumb 15 motherfuckin' percent that come out to day baseball. The other 85 percent are earning a living. I tell you, it'll take more than a 5 and 12 or 5 and 14 to destroy the makeup of this club. I guarantee you that. There's some fuc" - Guilt Ridden CD Pirate sends Cocaine, Hookers to Capitol Head Office

Ht: Jgo - Guilt Ridden CD Pirate sends Cocaine, Hookers to Capitol Head Office: "Guilt Ridden CD Pirate sends Cocaine, Hookers to Capitol Head Office
Written by Spinner
Thursday, 01 May 2003
LOS ANGELES: Larry Higgins (34) a real estate agent and self proclaimed CD-Pirate has gone to the unusual step of sending self-imposed reparations to Capitol Records to pay for years of burning CD?s. Rather than sending money to the impoverished multinational , however, Higgins has chosen to make payment in the form of kick arse Colombian cocaine and $500 a night hookers.

?I feel really bad about copying all those songs I downloaded first from Napster, then Audiogalaxy, Morpheas and now Win MX onto CD?s without paying a cent to the artists or record companies that own the music. I hope this high quality charlie accompanied by these very beautiful ladies will go some way towards restoring me to favour in the eyes of the Lord.?

The cocaine and prostitutes were warmly received by the Capitol A and R department. Vice President of Marketing Vince Farrow proceeded to throw a party to thank radio programmers, radio pluggers, personal trainers, hairdressers, publicists, music journalists, and hangers-on for sticking with them through the hard times.

No musicians were invited to the plush event which was held on the rooftop of the Beverly Hills Wiltshire Hotel. "

Friday, July 14, 2006

..And This One Time at Burning Man (part seven - the end!)

This is video of a lot of the art in 2002, which again was my favorite year.

The lilly field brings back some good shroom memories. Lying there at night tripping, the Lion King would appear in the constellations, wink at me, then disappear, then reappear somewhere else.

Friday YouTube: Burning Man 2002

2002 was my favoritest year at Burning Man.

Apple - Trailers - Borat - Trailer

Funny as fuck. I especially love the bathing suit and the bull in the house.

Apple - Trailers - Borat - Trailer: "Borat
Copyright ? 2006 20th Century Fox

Sacha Baron Cohen - star of HBO’s hit comedy “Da Ali G Show,” takes his outrageous Kazakstani reporter character Borat to the big screen. In this hilariously offensive movie, Borat travels from his primitive home in Kazakhstan to the U.S. to make a documentary. On his cross-country road-trip, Borat meets real people in real situations."

Advertising Age - Coors Chairman and Pitchman Arrested for DUI

Life is funny from time to time.

Btw, Pete, I'm the only one allowed to be a hypocrite.
Advertising Age - Coors Chairman and Pitchman Arrested for DUI: "Coors Chairman and Pitchman Arrested for DUI
Peter Coors: 'I Made a Mistake'

By Jeremy Mullman

Published: July 13, 2006
CHICAGO ( -- Coors Brewing Co. Chairman -- and beer pitchman -- Pete Coors was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, The Denver Post reported this afternoon.

Mr. Coors, 59, was cited for having a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit and also for rolling through a stop sign May 28. Citing court records, the Post said a Colorado state trooper pulled Mr. Coors over at 11:25 p.m. in Golden. He was driving a green 2004 Jaguar.

Court date set for next week
The former Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat has frequently appeared in Coors ads urging responsible drinking. In a statement he said: 'I made a mistake by driving myself home after a friend's wedding celebration. I should have planned ahead for a ride.'

He added, 'For years I've advocated the responsible use of our company's products. That's still my message, and our company's message, and it's the right message. I am sorry that I didn't follow it myself.'

Mr. Coors' court date is set for next Thursday.

On its website, Coors says it supports 'more severe consequences' for drunk drivers. 'The processing of drunk drivers should be streamlined and drunk driving must result in an immediate consequence, such as implementing an 'administrative license revocation,'' the 'Doing Our Part' section of Coors' site reads. 'Penalties for drunk driving should be escalated for higher BAC levels and for repeat offenders.' "

DevilDucky - Daily Show: There Goes the Gayborhood


DevilDucky - Daily Show: There Goes the Gayborhood: "Adventures of a straight man in one of America's oldest gay neighborhoods. From the Daily Show."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Star Wars Rocks!

Star Wars Rocks!
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Yeah! Fuck yeah!

Health & Medical News - Magic mushrooms hit the God spot - 12/07/2006

Maybe I need to go back on the Mushrooms.

Health & Medical News - Magic mushrooms hit the God spot - 12/07/2006: "Magic mushrooms hit the God spot
Judy Skatssoon
ABC Science Online

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

spiritual experience

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms produces spiritual experiences identical to those reported through history (Image: iStockphoto)

The ingredient, psilocybin, increases wellbeing and satisfaction with life two months after being taken, according to the research by scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, which is published online today in the journal Psychopharmacology.

Psilocybin is a plant alkaloid that affects the brain's serotonin system, in particular, the 5-HT2A receptor.

'Under very defined conditions, with careful preparation, you can safely and fairly reliably occasion what's called a primary mystical experience that may lead to positive changes in a person,' study leader Professor Roland Griffiths says."

Gif Dump :: Zinedine Zidane Headbutt Versus Planet.gif

Gif Dump :: Zinedine Zidane Headbutt Versus Planet.gif

Monday, July 10, 2006

Gondry's Science of Sleep preview

Jesus this looks fantastic. (video/quicktime Object)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Events held in Old World Village

Um, wow. F*ck the World Cup!

Events held in Old World Village: "Always check this page as new special events and festivals are added.




Dashshund Races

Sunday, July 9, 2006
German Lederhosen & Dirndls

Dachshund Race beginning at
3:00 p.m. (special time)"

Welcome To T.G.I. Fridays! May I Annoy The Living Shit Out Of You? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Office Space actually did a better (chicken teriyaki) skewering of Friday's, but here's The Onion's countdown of the past 10 years story on TGIF.

Welcome To T.G.I. Fridays! May I Annoy The Living Shit Out Of You? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source: "Welcome To T.G.I. Fridays! May I Annoy The Living Shit Out Of You?

By Jenni Aberg
July 26, 2000 | Issue 36•25
Jenni Aberg

Hi, welcome to T.G.I. Fridays! May I annoy the living shit out of you? My name is Jenni, and I'll be your incredibly irritating server tonight! So, how are you folks doing this evening? Great!

Thanks sooo much for waiting! It has just been completely insane around here! So if I seem a little brain-dead, please bear with me!

Can I start anybody off with one of our overpriced, stupidly named drinks? We've got a new Totally Tropical Pi?a Colada Smoothie that's totally amazing. No? Just waters all around? Not feeling very adventurous tonight, are we? Hey, no prob! I'll be back with your aguas in just two shakes!"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Letting it all hang out - Los Angeles Times

Marcus and I were talking about bringing back half-shirts for guys. But then we sobered up.

Letting it all hang out - Los Angeles Times: "Letting it all hang out
For many young women, one size fits all – no matter how that makes them look.
By Robin Abcarian, Times Staff Writer
July 4, 2006

THE Sausage Casing Girls are everywhere this summer, their muffin tops hanging over their hip-skimming jeans, clothes shrink-wrapped around fleshy bodies that look as if they've been stuffed — like forcemeat — into teensy tops and skintight pants.

Visit the local mall, any beach boardwalk or the sidewalk in front of your neighborhood high school and you will see why healthcare professionals are so alarmed about expanding waistlines. And while chunky teen boys and young men hide in cartoonishly large basketball jerseys over big T-shirts and elephant-legged shorts, girls generally do not. They may be getting bigger, but their clothes are getting smaller.


One is tempted to applaud the Sausage Casing Girls; after all, Southern California is an epicenter of body consciousness, and here they are thumbing their noses at the idea that they must be whippets or Lindsay Lohans to wear the current styles, which for the last several seasons have been exaggeratedly body-hugging and skin-revealing. Perhaps all that self-esteem building has finally paid off.

But this phenomenon does not appear entirely to be about self-acceptance and the conscious abandonment of repressive physical ideals. It is far more complicated than that. Yes, there are plenty of young women who can confidently say that they are happy with their less-than-svelte shapes — and that is to be applauded. But there are many others who in the rush to be fashionable are unable to admit that they are larger than they wish to be, or that their bodies just don't look good in the clothes they are choosing. Instead of reveling in their big, beautiful bodies, many girls instead are deep in denial, pouring themselves into clothes that are putting them in a python squeeze. "