Wednesday, November 24, 2004

again! again!

Location: Portland
Work prospects: Medium 1
Drinks: 0
Drugs: none since really late Saturday. and hopefully none for a while.
Back: Not bad. Held up OK to stationary bike and stretches
Effort: Woke up at 12. But worked out. Give it a 3.
Engagement: previous 3 days - 1.7, today 3.
Loneliness: 2 (1 being alone in a fundamentalist city)
Newness: 1.
Percentage of self that believes that next year at this time I will be happy: 27% (+ 3%) 2
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': Finally better from the weekend. And lonely.
The only even prime number of weeks that it's been since they picked up the trash even though Jen the New Roommate asked him to call (also the only even prime number of times): 2.

Today's extras (randomly chosen).
NTIDFSE - Um. Nothing. I did nothing nice for someone else to today. Unless we're counting the dog. Tim-MAH!
Items knocked off to-do list - 2.
New magazine read on treadmill: Esquire, the Genius Issue! 3

1 - (books out at 2 new places, but no call back yet from one of the headhunters)
2 - it's a strange thing. sometimes when i stop and think about my crappy life for too long, it makes me think it'll get crappy enough for me to do something about it instead of just taking more drugs.
3 - I can't believe I'm that guy at the gym on the stationary bike with Esquire. Fuck. I really am close to rock bottom.
4 - Happy birthday to Sarah Stoebner. That was fun. If ultimately painful.


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