Friday, November 17, 2006 Page 2 : Friday surprise! Mailbag time

I've always been fairly convinced that a little Solomonic justice would make politics/ex-dictators/randy presidents more accountable.

Who would have been against Clinton agreeing to wear an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt with a two-way arrow pointing up and down for the remainder of his presidency. That'd save us taxpayers a couple 100 million or so. Page 2 : Friday surprise! Mailbag time: "Q: My buddies and I were talking about appropriate punishments for dictators like Saddam Hussein, and we came up with an idea that works for everyone and could raise money for the International Criminal Court without using tax dollars. Why not charge admission for people to look at convicted dictators in their jail cells, kind of like a zoo for genocidal megalomaniacs? Think about it: you put them in small, basic cells behind plexiglass and charge 25 euros to watch them go about their day. Tourists could get baked at a local coffee shop and head over to the jail to gawk at Slobodan Milosevic sitting on a cot watching '90210' reruns. You could even charge extra to feed them falafel pellets and shawarma biscuits. This would be a far worse fate for a once-proud dictator then being executed. Who wouldn't pay 25 euros to watch Saddam Hussein in his underwear eating Cheetos?
--Kris, Washington

SG: DeVito from Washington, you've been bounced! That's the new Greatest E-mail of 2006. And just for the record, I'd pay 200 euros to see dictators in zoo cages."


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