Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Saturday thoughts + BloomKing photos

BloomKing individual photos here from Andy + Therese. Warning: There's 700 of them, and they'll all make you feel like a terrible photographer. Great work Batts.Web Gallery The BloomKing Wedding / Index 1

More randomness:
Some kid just won $100,000 when he nailed a 30 yard field goal in one of those Dr. Pepper type contests. Always brings a smile to my face to see. Kid took a victory lap. I'm wondering if there's a team I hate so much that I'd boo one of their fans for making one of those field goals.

Thinking more about Big Gay Doogie Howser. Someone really does need to start 'The Gay Pool', which would be just like 'The Dead Pool' but instead of betting on people dying, you'd wager on people coming out.

I'll take Pink, Tiki Barber & any Republican US Senator.


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