Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Young Pony Club

Guys, don't use this for your commercials. It's being overloaded in the new Intel spots that don't seem to make much sense unless the brief was "Look like an iTunes ad".

I recommend the Van She mix. Downloads available after the link.

kissatlanta.com: "My Love Is Like A Pony...

01167 20 71 1167901702 LMore now than ever, we gravitate around the single. I won't even throw in the tag 'indie' because at this point it doesn't even really matter. For a while now, everyone has been dancing and singing along to the track 'Ice Cream' by Australia's New Young Pony Club. 'Ice Cream' is quite impossible to avoid, whether it's one of a number of remixes being beaten to death by DJ's or the new Intel ads that appear to be the creation of Mitsubishi's hijacked ad firm. In the end, the single's staying power and popularity ride more on the remixes than the original. In fact, after listening to five different remixes of the track, I can't even go back and listen to the original."


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