Sunday, April 23, 2006

again! again! stats, Sunday 4/23, St. Jordi's day

k8 was here all weekend. it was fun. we both talked about what a mess we both are, and how we might change that. i voted for her being the one that changes.

operative quote: 'like two trainwrecks passing in the night.'

On that note, today's stats:

Current listen: Love Generation by Bob Sinclar f. Gary Pine.
Free food recently: free beers from Rich & Jeff on Thursday.
Jarrod diet status: None the past 4 days.
Sleep: eh
Drugs: None.
Back: OK
Effort: k8 made me go out dancing on Thursday night. that turned out good. So, call it a 7.
Engagement: 6 i.e. better. k8 and i chatted about a whole boatload of problems. like therapy, but much, much, much cheaper. ran into some friends on Saturday and had a really, really good time and interesting conversation.
Poker games with k8 physically in the house: 7
Money won: $106
Poker games since k8 left: 8
Money lost: $66.
Number of those games where I got knocked out on bad beats: 5
Approximate swing in $ if I'd won 4 of those hands: +$99
Sound: Aarggh.

Loneliness: Not bad. Having k8 here was good, if the previous stats didn't reveal that. Think that tomorrow I'll go into a little social withdrawal.

Newness: Observed the making of cornbread in my kitchen, for the very first time.

Fun:7. Especially Thursday night at Funky-in-the-Middle.

Long-term Forecast: slightly improved.

Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': Good. A little dispassionate, or perhaps tired.

Things I'm looking forward to:
tomorrow: working out and getting my new pants hemmed. they're hot Zara pants. yaow!
this week: Kevin's birthday dinner. possibly getting the Wells Fargo stuff on Adcritic.
next weekend: Apartment Coachella (like the real thing, but at my house - details to come) and the NFL draft.
in the coming month: more mp3 goodness. the sun.



Blogger orange said...

i'm a little confused about whether i'm really stoked that you two spent all that time together, or really worried that you two spent all that time together. you two damn well better have cheered each other up. dammit. grr.


1:05 PM  

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