Thursday, April 20, 2006

Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD!

Again! Again! MixCD! MixCD!: "Again! again!: 04/01/2006 - 04/30/2006

'again! again!: stats - Wednesday, April 19th.

This is my 1994 crush's birthday. Hi Lara Waldrop, if you're googling yourself. I don't know this because I'm obsessive, but sadly, rather because this is also the 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

That day, I was living in Columbia, S.C. I went home to change before I went to play volleyball and turned on Headline News. Sad. At that time, no one had the Internet, and so news didn't spread that fast. I think only 1 person at the court knew about the disaster.

On that note, today's stats:

Current listen: songs that mean something to me, that make me feel at least a little bit alive.

Free food today: none. that gravy train done left the station.

Jarrod diet status: 1 Subway visit past 3 days, no walking.

Sleep: eh

Drugs: I took a full 20 pills between last wednesday and saturday. i recognize this is a Big problem. i'm negotiating with James Frey's agent right now for book rights. question: if I can't remember and make it up, is it fiction or non-fiction?

Back: OK
Effort: besides the hangovers and sleeping pills? not so bad
Engagement: so-so. cried today at the Ken Kaess thing. loved my city visit last week. loved soul brunch. see above for my opt-out of 24 hours of reality with sleeping pills.
Loneliness: Not as bad. SF, no remembrance of thu/fri/sat, soul brunch sunday. ah - who am i kidding? it's crushing.
Newness: My first pedicure last night. Thanks plum.
Long-term Forecast: holding steady. like New Orleans 10 days after Katrina.
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': addicted to sleeping pills. unable to move past my issues. looking forward to commiserating with k8.
The only even prime number: 2. still.

Items knocked off (financial) to-do list: paid taxes, paid car repair. added a trip to Portland for July 4.
Current read: nope
Thing I'm most excited about tomorrow: k8. and showing our military banking Wells Fargo ads. '"


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