Thursday, April 20, 2006

YouTube - Jim Valvano ESPY Speech

YouTube - Jim Valvano ESPY Speech

On a night of rememberance and tearjerker speeches, YouTube proves it's worth.

Here's the difference between Valvano speaking, and all of Ken Kaess' friends speaking:

In so many of these eulogies/inspirational talks, the lesson is coming from a great person, and made better or deeper or stronger by the advancing too-early tragic death.

And I'm left thinking: ok if I'm ever President/ceo/or whatever i might be abe to take advantage of what you got to say.

But! What if i'm kind of a shithead drunk with a prescription pill addiction that's rapidly becomeing an alcoholic. What, then, could a fuckup like me take from this phenom-achiever-gladhander-instantfriendsmaker's life?

Squat. Says the Iowa & NH caucauses of my mind.

Tonight, those tough minded internal prosecutors get overruled.

It was tough, to see my friends' love for this guy. Worse yet to feel their grief. Post-speech and post-heartbreatking video ala Philadelphia, more orderves(sp, i know), but everyone seemed to have snuck out.

Oh, where was I. the great thing about the Ken guy was that it seemed like anyone could do just a little thing to honor him nOOHNoOne was going to be Ken or accomplish Ken like things. but we could still all do better.

Again, how are you doing?

lemme know. i'd really like to know.


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