Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A question

I was just at a memorial service, here at my office, for the former president of our LA branch, who became the worldwide CEO. I never knew him. apparently he was a very interesting, warm, amazing person.

5 or 6 people gave speeches about him. heartbreaking. seems like everyone was his best friend. or actually, that he was everybody's best friend.

the thing, i think, that I'll take away from it is this: everyone that talked about him said that he always asked how they were doing. and really meant it. a lot of times, I mean it as a synonym for 'hello'. so, when I ask in the near future, I'm planning on meaning it.

it was strange having all of these ad execs here in semi-formal wear. not quite Sopranos funeral wear, but definitely not casually dressed. i'm wearing jeans and a brown Polyphonic Spree shirt. i don't think it really mattered to the people that attended.

but, i felt self-conscious, and then I realized that if any shirt I could wear was a celebration of life or someone's life, this was one of them. they tap into an emotive core I love.

so, how are you doing?

you can post in comments or email. i'd like to hear from you.


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