Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Neko shows

Saw Neko on Friday night at the Disney Music Hall for Jessica's birthday. It was a strange show. We had gone out to dinner downtown at the fine Takashimi Restaurant (next to the Elevate Lounge. The place actually looks down on The Standard.

The show actually started on time, so we arrived as Neko was playing Deep Red Bells - maybe my favorite song of hers.

Since the Disney Music Hall is a fancey venue, we had to wait to be seated until the song was over. Once seated, the venue is pretty spectacular, and we seemingly right above the band.

No Sadies with her this time, but a fine group of musicians (including a pedal and steel guitarist) along with melodic and comedic foil Kelly Hogan singing back-up.

Having missed her first 3 songs, we were treated to an eclectic set. For some reason, Neko kept straying from the setlist, informing the band of the changes. Her and Kelly were chatting a lot in between songs, telling jokes and laughing.

Set highlight was "I wish I was the moon" which Neko explained was a song for her father who was a 'very odd and lonely man.' 'Runnin' out of fools' was nice, and the bible lifting song, 'John the Baptist' was great with Kelly and Neko's harmonies.

A subdued crowd was a big downer at the show. Those that yelled out were the hoi polloi that don't usually attend these hi-falutin events. Between that and the confusion over the set list, I never felt like the crowd warmed-up. Also missing the first 3 tracks was a bummer.

I still love Neko, but I'll definitely think twice about seeing a show at the Disney Music Hall.

Stream the whole show at: NPR

Feel like I'm missing a Portland show, but:
Sasquatch 2003 Molly
Aladdin Nov 2004 with the Sadies - Michele
Missed her at the Bowl 2006 to see the Spree
Fonda Feb 2007 - Jessica
in the New Pornographers, Oct 2007 - Ozer, Jessica, Amburr, et. al.
Disney Music Hall 2007 - Jessica


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