Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Spree shows

Via a thread on the Unofficial Polyphonic Spree Forum

My shows.

The best of which might have been the first. I flew down from Portland Oregon to Coachella in 03. In Portland, it rains from about Labor Day through July 4th with barely a day of sunshine. This was late April in Palm Springs – 90 and nothing but sun.

The Spree were the first band to play on Sunday, and my friends wanted to hang out at the pool until late in the afternoon. So, I had them drop me off at the fast food area so that I could hitchhike in. The first girls I asked, two San Diego hotties, looked at each other. One asked the other if she thought I looked like a serial killer. The other laughed and I was in.

On our drive in I took a couple of pills and went direct to the main stage. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and when they played ‘It’s the Sun’ I was fuh-ly-ing.

10 shows with 20 different friends going with me later, I’m not sure I’ve had a better Spree moment. 8)

1. Coachella 2003
2. Portland 2003 Aladdin Theatre with the throat singer (Donna, Miika, k8?)
3. Portland ? - Can’t remember (?)
4. Portland – Lucky Strike show Dec 04 - (Hope was there)
5. Seattle – Lucky Strike show Dec 04 (KWatts & Trika)
(couldn’t walk up the hill to the coffee shop the next day, my calves were so sore from jumping 2 nights in a row.
6. SF first show of Together We’re Heavy Mid 04? (Orange and her drunk friend) (TWH played str8 through, and they started at like 7pm, so we missed half the show.)
7. SF Together We’re Heavy Feb 05? (Esmerelda Strange and Joanna
8. LA – Henry Fonda Sep 06 (Vallier)
9. LA – El Rey July 07 (Marcus, Josianne, Hart, Marc, Erika, Jessica, Jodi, her husband, her friend, Butter, Ted) a birthday celebration
10. San Diego – July 07 (Adam)
11. LA – Henry Fonda – Nov 07 (Erika)


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