Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top 10 games that should be movies

I enjoy #2 on the list, though the version I played of Oregon Trail didn’t have any graphics.

Can I also suggest NHL ‘94 directed by Oliver Stone? It would be a 3 hour movie centering around the various conspiracies that 'made Gretzky bleed.'

(See this clip from Swingers: Jesus Christ does John Favreau look young.)

The Top 10 list from NY Mag via Matthew at

2. Oregon Trail

Director: The Coen Brothers
The pitch: The dearth of good barber shops in the nineteenth-century American West would surely provide the Coens with plenty of hilarious haircut and mustache options for their actors — Steve Buscemi and John Turturro as a pair of hapless pioneers who, when they're not dying of typhoid and diphtheria, suffer inclement weather and random attacks by Native Americans.

1. Tetris

Director: Michel Gondry
The pitch: In a world of defeatist, no-imagination-having square and L-shaped pieces, Géraud (played by Elijah Wood in a cardboard suit, beret, and French mustache) is a Z-shaped romantic with dreams of becoming a painter, even though his awkward posture makes it really hard to set up an easel. One day he meets a beautiful L-shaped piece named Virginie, but their love can never be because she's engaged to a square who seems her perfect fit. But is he? (No — he has no dreams!) The soundtrack would consist solely of Jon Brion playing "Kalinka" (the Tetris song) on a vibraphone, getting gradually faster over 90 minutes.



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i went to an oregon trail party recently. best theme i've encountered in days. i was totally shocked at how many people had no idea what i was talking about when i mentioned the event to them. there was a pretty specific age cut-off--no one more than a year older than me had heard of the game. i'm surprised you have...although if you didn't have GRAPHICS on it i'm not sure it COUNTS.

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