Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ah, it's the 90s on campus.... EVERYWHERE!

Sure to get fans of hatin' on Political Correctness a twitter (sounds like a game show - filing that away for when the writers stop striking).

Back in the days at Miami Ad School, I was freelancing with a friend and wrote a headline for a local 'adult' store. It said, "Ho. Ho. Ho. And presents for your other girlfriends, too."

Fight for you right to Ho! Santa.

From Yahoo!

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women

Wed Nov 14, 9:45 PM ET

SYDNEY (AFP) - Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.

Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.

One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute.

"Gimme a break," said Julie Gale, who runs the campaign against sexualising children called Kids Free 2B Kids.

"We are talking about little kids who do not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other connotation and nor should they," she told the Telegraph.

"Leave Santa alone."


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