Thursday, November 08, 2007

Trinking Dransparency

Been a good 3 nights (which, is a warning sign in of itself, that 3 nights is the metric of a period of sobriety).

Monday night: 2 glasse of Rioja.
Tuesday night: Yoga. No drinking.
Wednesday night: Cooked dinner and played Halo. Desperately wanted to get some wine.

The nights where I've got nothing planned are the hardest evenings to not drink. How to pass the time? I need more 'after school activities' to help fill the time. In the new year, I'll be teaching class again and hope to still take yoga. But I could use something else to count on. Maybe this is where bowling comes in? Of course, that probably means some drinking. But the big thing I'm trying to alter here is the drinking on my own. Getting hammered is the second thing.

Tonight's plan: workout, followed by cooking some dinner then drop off stuff for a garage sale at Marcus'.

I lead.... the glamourous life.


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