Tuesday, June 05, 2007

EDSBS Fulmer Cup update

Hey, I'm partially famous. To like 3 people.

EDSBS � Archive � FULMER CUP SCOREBOARD: HENRY MELTON IS LOOSE, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL: "Florida bumps up a few points thanks to the admirable and sadly illegal thievery of a dreaded UPD boot from Dorian Munroe’s car by one Dorian Munroe. We still await the popular uprising by Florida students to get Munroe’s felony charges dismissed in the case, since, as commenter DogtownGator pointed out, stealing a police boot is sticking it to the man hard like Turk 182 would. Dorian should wear the V mask during games next season just to boost his rep as Florida’s Antiauthoritarian People’s Champion."


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that's RAD

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