Friday, June 01, 2007

Police drummer rips band's "lame" concert

Had a friend who I lost because I did and said some really stupid things while fucked up. She would've liked this article, and I would've sent it to her.

Been trying not to get fucked up since then.

Did a reasonably good job in my SF weekend with the Portland Ad Kids.

It's a start.

Oh, yeah, and here's the Police.

Police drummer rips band's "lame" concert: "Police drummer rips band's "lame" concert

06/01/2007 2:56 AM, Reuters
Dean Goodman

The singer in the Police jumps like a 'petulant pansy,' the drummer is making a 'complete hash,' and who knows what the guitarist is doing?

Notes from a bitter critic? Actually, it's a disarmingly frank concert review from the aforementioned drummer of the newly reunited rock trio.

A philosophical Stewart Copeland unleashed his vitriol in a posting on his Web site on Thursday, a day after the band played its second show in Vancouver, the Canadian city where it began its first world tour in more than 20 years on Monday.

'This is unbelievably lame,' Copeland wrote of Wednesday's show at the GM Place arena. 'We are the mighty Police and we are totally at sea.'

Most of the 20,000 fans at the venue might not have noticed a series of small flubs, but Copeland, singer/bassist Sting, and guitarist were painfully aware of them.

Copeland started the show off on the wrong foot, literally. He tripped as he took to the stage, and then banged his gong at the wrong time so that 'the big pompous opening to the show is a damp squib.'

He did not hear Summers' opening riff to 'Message In a Bottle,' and Sting in turn misheard Copeland's drum intro -- 'so we are half a bar out of sync with each other. Andy is in Idaho.'"


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