Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'Captain America' arrested over pants-burrito |

Who hasn't done the ol' dress up as a superhero with a burrito in your pants trick? Hell, isn't that Jack Black's entire schtick?

'Captain America' arrested over pants-burrito | "'Captain America' arrested over pants-burrito
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Raymond Adamcik, Captain America
Raymond Adamcik, aka Captain America, after his arrest. Burrito not pictured.

A doctor in Florida is facing charges, after being accused of groping a woman while wearing a Captain America uniform with a burrito stuffed down his tights.

The incident, hardly fitting behaviour for a superhero, happened after 54-year-old Dr. Raymond Adamcik went on a bar-crawl with a number of other costume-wearing medics.

Witnesses said that Adamcik was walking around with the burrito tucked into the waistband of his costume, asking women if they wanted to touch it."


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