Tuesday, April 24, 2007

again! again!: Stats, April 7

again! again!: Stats, April 25: "Current listen: Fire It Up - Modest Mouse

Location: Venice. Friday-Sunday, Palm Springs + Coachella
Free food this week: None yet, fer fucks sake. And I'll be missing out on free editing bay food on Friday and Monday for Coachella.

Sleep: shitty.
Drink: Yup.
Drugs: Can't wait for Coachella!
Back: kinda tight lately
Effort: 1.5. Been kinda coasting
Engagement: better
Loneliness: Rising. Jessica and I split.
Newness: Little.
Fun: 2
Long-term Forecast: better. Had a good therapy session this morning. Actually, said in a non-ironic way, "Whoa. That's heavy."
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': Tired. Looking forward to Coachella, but not the heat.
The only even prime number of weeks until our pitch for that video game account: 2.

Current read: Just finished the Kim Stanley Robinson Earth Disaster series.
Thing I'm most excited about today: Duh. See the most frequently used Proper Noun in this post.
Extra: Man do the Cubs suck this year."


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