Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Spring, the time when stats spring eternal

It's time for stats to reappear on a regular basis here at AgainAgain. We hope to start regularly uploading files to the music blog, too.

Current listen: Modest Mouse - "Missed the boat" (featuring James Mercer from the Shins on backing vocals)

Location: sick, on my floor.
Free food this week: Monday, judging at the AICP Original Music

Sleep: so-so
Drugs: 2 pills on Saturday night at the wonderful soulXXXcious party. With Jessica.
Back: been a little stiff lately
Effort: 2 (the new pitch has been great. J's been great.)
Engagement: so-so. excited about the pitch.
Loneliness: not bad lately. hard to go from a weekend with someone to nights without anyone.
Newness: 3 (all stats out of 5)
Fun: 2 (but the sickness is dragging things down)
Long-term Forecast: fair
Brutally truthful answer to 'How you doin?': achy behind the knees. sore throat.
The only even prime number: 2.

Items knocked off to-do list: took care of tax and condo paperwork today
Current read: alternate history of the Third Reich, in which zie Deutsch win WWII.
Thing I'm most excited about tomorrow: if I'm not sick, party at Optimus, NCAA bball.
Today's extras: Happy to be back and blogging more.


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