Sunday, March 25, 2007 - NCB - NCAA Notebook

The Gator Boyz are - woooooooooooooooo! - hot! - NCB - NCAA Notebook: "ST. LOUIS -- Billy Donovan turned to an old friend to
provide some motivation before Florida's victory against Butler in
the NCAA tournament.

The Gators' coach asked former wrestling star Ric Flair to speak
to the Gators before Friday's game. Flair, who once appeared at
Florida's 'Midnight Madness,' strutted through the locker room
and did his well-known 'Whoooo!'

'We were up, we were energized,' Florida forward Corey Brewer

The Gators needed an extra boost to beat Butler 65-57 and
advance to the Midwest Regional final against Oregon on Sunday.

'That was a big kick,' Florida guard Lee Humphrey said of
Flair's visit. 'I wasn't a huge wrestling fan growing up, but some
of my buddies were big fans. I would watch it occasionally. I
remember when we kids, some of my buddies had those dolls and we
used to beat up on the dolls -- Macho Man (Randy Savage) and Lex
Luger and Ric Flair. That was pretty cool to know that he was there
supporting us.'

Flair sat in the stands right behind the bench and cheered
alongside Taurean Green's father, Sidney, and Al Horford's dad,

His visit also left a lasting impression -- and several

Humphrey, Brewer and Donovan each imitated Flair's famed
catch-phrase Saturday. Humphrey's was clearly the best, but only
after a weak first attempt."


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