Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dowd hacks White House IM

Saturday, October 07, 2006
Death by Instant Message - New York Times

Funny, not so funny stuff.

Maureen Dowd hacks into the White House IM chat room and 'listens' in.


Death by Instant Message - New York Times: "DarthV: brb ...i’ve got kissinger on teh phone. Can u believe hes never heard of IM?

Rumstud74: hope the nsa’s not snoopin on that conversation

Decider: but I thought we only listened in on terrorists

Rumstud74: don’t ask, don’t tell, kid

DarthV: you’re a scream, rummy

Rumstud74: denny and I both wrestlers ... you think he’d know how to handle some man-on-man grappling w/o all this Henny Penny nonsense. lay the smackdown on nancy pelosi and pin the puny press on the mat

DarthV: you’ve still got the muscles and the moves, Big Guy

Rumstud74: OMG, dick, we gotta shut up Warner on getting outta Iraq and shut up Frist about getting in bed w/the Taliban ... and we gotta yank those pesky videos of snipers shooting at American soldiers off YouTube ...let’s fire up the old censorship machine

DarthV: that’s hot ... censorship is hot ... torture is waaay hot


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