Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guest post: G. Rogers on Friday the 13th

Damned fucking impressive work from Geoff.

From an email thread which we can't reveal without getting our asses handed to us:

Original Geoff email:
> On 8/21/06 6:08 PM, "geoff rogers" wrote:
>> I found some footage
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E-LJmZSlT4&mode=related&search=

My response:
> Interesting. Keep in mind I've never seen a Friday the 13th. This should
> help my nightmares.
> 1. Body count?
> 2. Best kill? For me it was the lab cryogenic freezing and face smashing.
> 3. This song was set to be the WWE's theme song. They started playing it on
> August 1, 2001. Stopped it about, oh, 5 weeks later.
> 4. Has anyone ever done one of these with say, 'Swan Lake' as the song?
> Yours in Christ
> miguel

Geoff's response:

There is one on youtube set to classical music.
Harry Manfredini's original scores (he did the music for all but Part XIII)
were pretty fucking strong, though.
The Cryo-kill was from Part X. It's Top 10. That was Kane Hodder as Jason.
He was the best. Nobody walks through the woods like that. Nobody can emote
through a goalie mask like that. He's the best Jason, hands down.
The other Jasons were Warrington Gillette, Richard Brooker and Ted White, in
parts 2, 3 and 4, respectively.
Gillette gets my second place nod, even though he's sort of the George
Lazenby of the role. He was the only grown up Jason not to have a hockey
mask. He had a bag over his head with one eye-hole, and he did some good
work with diving through shrubs. Also the only Jason who ever breaks into a
My favorite kills:
Part 6 triple decapitation of paintball guys.
Part 7 sleeping bag Batter-Up contusion
Part 7 weedeater with blade attachment
Part 3 almost out of the water-but-NO!-speargun up the ass
Part 5 hedge clippers in both eyes, then closed
Part 1 machete/wheelchair/stairs
Part 5 motorcycle/cleaver decapitation
Part 3 split up middle while doing headstand
Part 8 Boxing with Jason
Part 4 psyched out by Corey Feldman


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