Friday, April 28, 2006

UF geeks are teh rulerz

Seriously, you've got to click over to this, and then watch the video.

And we did it in jortz to boot.
DESTRUCTOID - Hardcore Video Game Blog! ? Blog Archive ? UF: The University of xbox Flash mobbers!: "Destructoid reader Sal “The Man in the Orange Hat” Picataggio (founder of Flashmob UF) organized 100 UF students to redo the banned Xbox Flash Mob commercial right in the middle of the UF campus. Or as my girlfriend put it (whom, in line with the prophecy, also happens to be a Gator) “OMG!!! TURLINGTON PLAZA; THAT’S WHERE ALL THE CRAZY SHIT HAPPENS!” Indeed. She then also added “by the way, our kids are going there.” They sure do work that into every conversation now, don’t they? Anyway, you have to see this video!!!

Letters to the editor:

First off, I like the blog a LOT. I’ve been reading joystiq for a while, but you guys have nearly the same info and you’re loads more entertaining to read. I think you guys will get a kick out of this video of Flashmob UF’s most recent flash mob. I saw the video of the banned XBox ad (I’m sure you are familiar) and instantly yearned to bring it to my flash mobbers. Using our now 600 member group I organized it’s execution: show up to the busiest area on campus at the busiest time of day, and suddenly draw your guns! Here is the over 100-person result:



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