Sunday, December 02, 2007

Post Secret Sunday


This one reminds me of the time that I got really fucked up with Judge Goth, Geoffrey, Aaron, Liberty and others. There was a stop at a convenience store for some malt liquor in 40 oz packaging, and then we went to some Portland punk rock kids house.

I ended up falling off of the stoop and bashing the back of my head. (Oliver Stone: was he pushed?)

JG drove me home and we woke up to discover my bed covered in blood. When I walked her to her car, we discovered that the gash had left a nice stain on the passenger seat headrest.

Later, there was a gathering at the Sobiers, and figuring that one of the ladies(sexist! - ed) might know how to properly clean the stains, I asked the group.

"So, uh, can anyone tell me the best way to get bloodstains out of your sheets?"

Without missing a beat, Rogers: "I WOULDN'T KNOW THAT! Why would you think I know that?"

Going to buy a few copies of the Post Secret books to give to people for Christmas. Last season the "oh, yes, that's thoughtful, I, uh, got you a present, too!" present was some fancy Venice handmade soap and a mix CD.


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