Monday, February 12, 2007

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

I've been wanting to do a new fake movie soundtrack with fake movie quotes as a gift cd again. One of the stories i've thought about recording has been a series of phone calls made from a hotel guest to room service, maintenance, etc. to collect all the items in order to make meth.

Apparently, these calls get made.

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things: "Hotel coffeepot = li'l ole mini meth lab!
Over at the Street Use 'crude technology' blog, Kevin Kelly says,

According this the local news station in Huntsville Alabama, the ubiquitous cheap Mr. Coffee pot in hotel rooms is often used as a just-in-time makeshift mini-laboratory to make the drug meth.

[excerpt]: Ask just about anyone in law enforcement, and they'll tell you to be careful if you ever brew coffee in a hotel room. 'I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I'll never use a coffee pot,' said Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall.



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