Friday, February 09, 2007

Mutaytor won't die - Los Angeles Times

Fuck. I've done blow with this guy. I guess maybe he liked me for my hairless body and not my general coolness...

Mutaytor won't die - Los Angeles Times: "Mutaytor won't die
L.A.'s techno-funk-rock collective plans to weather the scandal after its founder gets nabbed on 'Dateline's' 'Catch a Predator' series.
By Ron Garmon, Special to The Times
February 9, 2007

More than one raver or beat-hippie idly surfing network TV on the evening of Jan. 30 knew a brute shock of the all-too-familiar. NBC's 'Dateline,' in another installment of its sordid and successful 'To Catch a Predator' series, rolled tape on the latest batch of vermin lured to an obscure Long Beach residence with online promises of sex with (fictitious) young teens.

Caught in 'Dateline's' on-camera haul was musician Matty Nash, the percussionist-founder of L.A. techno-funk-rock circus the Mutaytor, and one of the few actual celebrities to emerge from the Burning Man subculture. Looking wan and paranoid, Nash bolted the house after host Chris Hanson strode into view with a hammy, 'Did you bring your drums, Matty?' only to meet police officers waiting outside."


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