Monday, December 11, 2006

SFGate: Culture Blog! : Ho Ho Ho's and Plenty of Bad Santas

Jump the link for some great pictures from John Curley, a photographer/writer for the SF Chronicle, who also does some great stuff about Burning Man.

Really like the one of the 'frollicking' Santa.

SFGate: Culture Blog! : Ho Ho Ho's and Plenty of Bad Santas: "Hundreds of Santas rambled the streets (and the bars and the stores) of San Francisco on Saturday. It was the 13th annual Santacon event, which celebrates everything that is naughty, not nice, about Christmas (and Hanukkkah and Kwanza and every other seasonal celebration, religious or otherwise, that goes on at this time of year. Pagans welcome.)

The first Santacon happened back in 1994 when a couple dozen members of the Cacophony Society decided to get cheap Santa suits and force-feed some edgy holiday cheer on an unsuspecting public, all in the hope of finding free drinks and willing partners. The plan worked pretty well.

On Saturday, hundreds of Santa suit-wearing revelers converged at Pier 39 around 10:30, most carrying flasks, ready to make merry. There were lots of self-described ho ho ho's, and pretty much all the Santas were Bad Santas. There was lots of leather and plenty of red thongs. Santa was making a list, and you really wanted to be on it. I'm sorry to report that apparently a good number of people had been bad this year, because there was rampant spanking. But still, it turned out there were plenty of toys for everyone in Santa's sack. "


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