Saturday, December 09, 2006

Colbert I. King - The Breakdown That Really Needs Fixing -

Shocking statistic to lead the article.

Been watching The Wire reruns over the weekend. Such a great show, and I can't help but look at DC now but in the same way as Baltimore.

Colbert I. King - The Breakdown That Really Needs Fixing - "From Jan. 2, 1999 -- the date Mayor Anthony Williams was sworn in to office -- to yesterday, more than 1,700 people, mostly young black men, have been murdered in the nation's capital. That horrible statistic has an impact far beyond the grave.

Living within the city's borders is an army of survivors: broken-hearted parents and grandparents; traumatized single women facing an uncertain future with fatherless children; bitter young men, undereducated and unskilled, scarred by violence themselves and roving the streets with hair-trigger anger. They are a part of the city that Adrian Fenty will inherit when he is sworn in as the District of Columbia's fifth elected mayor in January."


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