Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's quiz are you doing so far in 2008 on the happiness factor?

Via k8 via Captain Erotica's blog:

how are you doing so far in 2008 on the happiness factor?

The year is already 1/24th over...and how we are in the beginning of the year can echo through the rest of our sun-cycle...

"happy" both by it's use and definition, is a subjective descriptor...but one I have chosen to represent the bell-curve apex of positive linguistic descriptors...

The bloggist admits that this test is skewed by his perspective of what makes a person Happy...Thus, as with all tests, take it with a grain of salt, or at the very least, in the Spirit of Fun

to wit, here is a survey of how you are doing:

~5 points for each yes~

~A~Are you taking time to communicate clearly with those you are intimate with?

~B~Have you done at least two days of athletic activity during 2008?

~C~Have you given yourself or an other an orgasm during 2008?

~D~Have you considered any travel during 2008? (give yourself an extra 5 points if you've already booked a ticket)

~E~Have you eaten or cooked a delicious meal during 2008?

~F~In this moment as you read this, are you relaxed overall? Even if you are not relaxed overall, can you take a deep breath and tap into relaxation somewhere inside you?

~G~Have you done anything creative thus far in 2008?

~H~Do you feel that you have been nice to other people so far during 2008?

~I~Have you given any thought towards the manifestation of an erotic fantasy thus far this year?

~J~Have you spent any time in nature this year?


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