Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wooing with writing: A story's quick end - Los Angeles Times

From a story in today's LA Times, a guy finds an interesting dating screen name on, and responds in character.

Writing ensues.

Wooing with writing: A story's quick end - Los Angeles Times: "Wooing with writing: A story's quick end
When he reworks 'Say Anything,' she keeps mum.
By Stephen Krcmar, Special to The Times
December 28, 2006

HER name was vaguely familiar. But I couldn't put a face on 'Diane Court.'


So, I assumed the identity of the now-thirtysomething kickboxer and wrote from Dobler's perspective. I outlined what might have transpired after the closing scene of the movie when Lloyd and Diane boarded an airplane for Europe with nothing but potential on the horizon.

Call it a synopsis for the yet-unwritten "Say Anything 2: How Lloyd Got His Diane Back."

Here it is.

Ms. Court,

Is it still "Ms."? God, I hope so. It's me: Lloyd. Don't worry about my online name. I tried to use "LloydDobler" as my screen name initially. It lasted for about six seconds until thousands of e-mails to me crashed's server. The company insisted that I change my name. I'm not big on being told what to do, but for you it's only one of the sacrifices I'm willing to make


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