Wednesday, September 06, 2006

LA Times article on The Spree

have to admit i've got a bit of trepidation when i comes to the new Spree's 'more political, more rock album'.

i fear change. 8)

love the last quote. i've got difficulty with taking care of myself... FAST TRACKS - Another Spree begins: "Now, the Spree returns with 'Wait,' a five song EP that includes covers of the Psychedelic Furs' '80s chestnut 'Love My Way' and an ecstatic-sounding cover of Nirvana's 'Lithium' produced by Jon Brion (who is behind hits for Fiona Apple and Kanye West).

And all two-dozen members will pull in to the scene of the group's earlier breakdown, the Fonda, on Sept. 10 — part of a two-week U.S. tour — with a new perspective.

'Things most definitely have changed,' DeLaughter says. 'It's evolved into this community property. Before, it was more about my personal space. Now it's more about a community of ideas.'

He also seizes the opportunity to correct a common misperception about the Polyphonic Spree: 'A lot has been misconstrued about us: that we have this happy, clappy situation where everyone is in a constant state of zeal,' DeLaughter says. 'Not true. There are major dynamics in a five-piece band. Can you imagine the issues when you have five of those bands as one?'


As if mounting a tour and releasing new music weren't enough, the Spree has remained busy for the last year recording a highly politicized, more "rock-oriented" album, "The Fragile Army," which it will release next spring. Also, DeLaughter and his wife and bandmate Julie Doyle are expecting their fourth child in December.

"We're used to overwhelming ourselves," DeLaughter says in his lazy, Texan drawl. "Hence, the four kids, label, record store and 24-piece band.""


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