Tuesday, August 15, 2006

again! again!

again! again!: "Cold-Turkey Stats

Nights without sleeping pills: 14
Nights with Benadryl: 5 (Bad trend)
Nights drunk: 4 (2 Christy bdays, 1 Butter bday, 1 lonely drum circle sunday)
Sleep last night: 5.5 hours.
% Increase on successful completion of items on to-do list of past week over random week in previous 6 months: 200%

General notes: Drunkeness trending up. Poker ability trending down. TV picture quality sharply up now.

Once again spent the weekend days out doing shit instead of lying on the couch under the influence of sleeping pills or chardonnay.

Looking forward to football season ON MY BRAND NEW TV!

NOT going to Burning Man. Still.

Safe travels,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

more info on the TV, please...

8:34 AM  

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